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John Perkins, Conchita Sarnoff and Sean Stone Hit Australia to Question How We Think

Conscious Events returns to Australia with its latest speaking tour InfoReset. Kicking off in Australia this February the Full Day Seminars (11am-6pm) feature international thinkers and authors John Perkins, Conchita Sarnoff and Sean Stone who will be speaking in this part of the world for the first time.

Perkins is known for his New York times best selling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and the ex economic hit man who exposes the clandestine operations that has created the current global economic crises. With three books under his belt Perkins is in demand as a speaker at international summits and has spoken alongside leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sarnoff has been a leading voice on human trafficking and child abuse and is the Author of TrafficKing. An investigative Journalist, she risked her life to expose the inconsistencies of the Jeffrey E. Epstein case. The Wall Street billionaire who is a registered sex offender with links to some of the most powerful people on earth such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump & HRH Prince Andrew.

Sean Stone is the son of the famous film maker Oliver Stone and since converting to Islam is on a mission advocating world peace. Recently, Stone has become known as an expert commentator on global politics exposing the imperialistic ideal of global military dominance (NOW). His book is New World Order - A Strategy of Imperialism and was released in 2016. The full day seminars run from 11am to 6pm and launch in Sydney on 24 February before travelling to Perth on 4 March, Melbourne on 10 March and Brisbane on 17 March. The tour then travels to New Zealand for the final leg in Auckland on 25 March.

More information at, tickets from $79.00.


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