Jamie Reign: The Hidden Dragon

Jamie Reign: The Hidden Dragon

Jamie may have returned to the kung fu academy a hero, but he's carrying a terrible secret that could hurt everyone he's come to love.

Risking everything, Jamie and his friends set out in search of the one thing that can halt Zheng's rise to power - an almanac that reveals the future. What they discover within its pages though sends them into a desperate race to save Jade's life.

Drawing on the autobiographical inspiration of her husband's childhood, P.J. Tierney has created an epic adventure with eastern mythological influences that will appeal to even the most reluctant of young readers.

P.J. Tierney obtained a bachelor's degree in creative writing, then headed backstage, working on shows for Madonna and U2, and was on set for The Matrix. Invited to Hong Kong to work on the Handover Celebrations, it was there, among the history and mystery of the city, on the barges and tugs of Victoria Harbour, that the Jamie Reign series took form. P.J. lives and works in Sydney, surrounded by Chinese food and kung fu films – all for research purposes, of course.

Jamie Reign: The Hidden Dragon
HarperCollins Australia
Author: P.J. Tierney
ISBN: 9780732295202
RRP: $16.99


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