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Cast you Success Spell

Halloween, a day of fun, candy and festivities, as well as a mere two months away from the year 2019. In business, we call this the Q4 rush. In our personal lives, it's the holiday season. Regardless of the name, the end of each year is a time for fun, family, and lots of pressure. 





Our 2019 will kick off shortly. We'll set new goals, make promises to ourselves that we hope to finally keep, getting new gym memberships, you name it. 




The holiday season can be fun, for sure, but we all feel it looming ahead: the pressure of 2019. So let's use the spirit of Halloween to set you toward a path of success now, so that when the new year rolls around, you're already ahead of your game when it comes to your 2019 goals.



You're More Magical Than You Think


We are all Witches and Warlocks. We all have great power. We can all cast spells. This is scientific fact. 


The frontal cortex is the area in our brain that plans, and believes. This lone area sets us apart from every other creature. It is what physically, and cognitively, defines our humanity because no other animal has the ability to believe, or plan for the future. 


When we set an intention, a goal, we ignite our own humanity, firing up our area of the brain that makes us uniquely human. Neuroscience has found that writing down and saying our goals allowed further lights up our brains, making the goals even more likely to happen. Or, you might even call this a spell that you cast on yourself, and an incantation. 


Goal setting is powerful. Set a goal for yourself, write it down, and speak your spell daily. What you are doing, exactly, is triggering your human powers. You are redesigning your behavior, and setting ideas into motion.


Happy Halloween. Cast a spell on yourself; you will achieve anything.


More about Jessica Higgins:

Jessica Higgins, JD MBA BB is a researcher, consultant and marketing communications professional. Her research and books help executives and everyday people better understand the impacts of emerging cultural trends. She holds executive and board positions in companies in technology, consulting and the arts. Her book, The 12 Essential Business Communication Skills, will release in September of 2018.

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