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Kuranda Beach Towel

Kolourful, Kompact and Kool

Kolourful, Kompact and Kool, Kuranda Towels are the new generation of beach towel. The latest innovation in design technology. Compact, light and super absorbent, once you've tried a Kuranda, you'll never go back to traditional towels again!

There is nothing worse than lugging heavy, wet and sand logged towels back from the beach. Arriving home, only to empty out your beach bag to a sand shower! Kuranda Beach Towels are a new and innovative solution. These thirsty cloths soak up water and are super absorbent. Yet are so lightweight and ultra-thin you can roll them up into a neat bundle, about the size of a t-shirt. Not only are Kuranda Towels light and compact, they repel sand. Even wet sand shakes off easy, unlike traditional beach towels that hold onto water and sand. Which then ends up all over your car, holiday apartment or bathroom!

Italian made, with European flair, you'll find it hard to pick your favourite from countless fun and quirky designs. Choose from Surf Board shape styles 'Jaws – Surfing at Your Risk' to 'Rainbow Peace 2.0'. Styles emblazoned with vibrant Toucan's, retro 'Mix Tape'. Double towels in 'Rainbow Lion' 'Kiriku' 'Rainbow Flowers and 'Butterflies' or 'Tropical Holiday' or skater boy 'Skulls'. Shaped towels, in '50's retro pin-up', 'Geisha' cherry blossom, or perfect for Yoga, 'Sanctuary Vibes'.

Kuranda Beach Towels come in colourful designs and several sizes, guaranteed to turn heads. Big Beach towels 192cm x 97cm, the double Beach towel for couples 180cm x 160cm, the Surf Board shaped towel 192cm x 97cm, standard 175cm x 72cm, or fun shapes and even round.

These super absorbent towels are like a shammy for your body. Soaking up moisture like a sponge. But squeeze out and hang up and they'll dry super fast. The anti-sand fabric repels even wet sand, leaving it on the beach, not in your bag. Kuranda Towels are 100% recyclable, breathable and gentle on your skin. The fabric does not contain PVC or solvents, provides UV protection and are ECO- Friendly.

Reflect your style, taste and personality with a design for everyone. Perfect for the beach, bathroom, pool, gym, the boat, or just leave on in the car, for when that urge for a quick afternoon dip takes you.

Try a Kuranda and you'll never go back to traditional towels again!

Kuranda Beach Towels start from rrp $59.99, for more information and to see the full range visit

Retailers include, Tummy Control Gold Coast, XS Surf and Carla Swim in NSW and Just Keep Swimming, Noosa or buy online from or


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