Laws of Magic 6 Hour of Need

Laws of Magic 6 Hour of Need

In the earth-shattering final book, Aubrey Fitzwilliam, renegade and traitor, has to choose to pursue his enemy, Dr Mordecai Tremaine, deep into the heart of enemy territory.

What he uncovers about Dr Tremaine's plans promises to change the course of the war and the future of humanity itself. A hideous combination of electrical science and soul-shattering magic is bringing the world far closer to the edge of the abyss than anyone apart from Aubrey realises.

Aubrey must risk everything, or there'll be no world left to save.

Michael Pryor has published more than twenty-five fantasy books and over forty short stories, from literary fiction to science fiction to slapstick humour. Michael has been shortlisted six times for the Aurealis Awards (including for Blaze of Glory and Heart of Gold), has been nominated for a Ditmar award, and five of his books have been CBCA Notable Books, including Word of Honour. His most recent series are The Chronicles of Krangor for younger readers and The Laws of Magic for older readers. He is currently writing the final book in the Laws of Magic series.

Laws of Magic 6 Hour of Need
Random House Australia
Author: Michael Pryor
ISBN: 9781741663105
Price: $17.95

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