Legacy of Kings

Legacy of Kings

Legacy of Kings has winged horses, gladiatorial tournaments, shape-shifting witches and so much more! Its rich backstory, literary tone and mythological underpinnings will captivate readers of all ages " especially those looking for an immersive, Game of Thrones type saga. Both the on-trend editorial and the fact-based fantasy are two reasons why Legacy of Kings should be at the top of your list.

Legacy of Kings is an epic reimagining of Alexander the Great's teenage years: ancient monsters still live among mortals and magic exists, though only a few can wield it in order to realise their destinies.

As the young prince regent, Alexander has lived with his father's disappointment and the shame of his deformed leg his entire life. Only his quest for the Fountain of Youth keeps him going " a journey he will undertake with his best friend, Hephaestion, a skilled warrior with a questionable past.

The fierce, wild Katerina has sworn revenge for her own mother's death and plans to kill Alexander's mother, Queen Olympias. That is, if she doesn't get distracted by her budding romantic feelings for Jacob, her long-time friend who will compete " and likely die " in their kingdom's Blood Tournament.

Kat's and Alex's stories collide in unexpected ways, and their unearthly powers will aid them in bringing back the Blood Magic " the only force that can help them take back the kingdom from an unspoken evil that has taken hold and won't surrender without immeasurable sacrifice.

Eleanor Herman is a bestselling and well-respected author of nonfiction titles for adults, as well as a journalist, TV presenter, and historian.

Legacy of Kings
Author: Eleanor Herman
RRP: $24.99


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