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Brilliant Lighting Forecasts a Retro Renaissance

Brilliant Lighting Forecasts a Retro Renaissance

The chic bold colours and evocative designs of the retro era are set for a revival in interiors and lighting this year, according to leading Australian lighting company Brilliant Lighting.

Brilliant Lighting Interior Product Manager and Trend Forecaster, Jacqueline Hughes says anyone can take part in the 2016 retro resurgence.

'Retro chic can be achieved by mixing vibrant colour with the opulent tones of black, brass and darkened timber. In particular, blue is set to be a dominant hue this season, bringing a fresh twist on the recently popular teal seen across homewares," Ms Hughes says.

This vibrancy hints at the pop art movement of the mid-century, with the retro feel also achievable by incorporating pared back classic shapes of the mid-century. Update the look by selecting pieces in sophisticated materials and textures throughout the rest of the living space which will also calm the vivid colour.

'Bold lines add to the retro style while including audacious accessories will enhance the overall look. These elements are sure to pay homage to the forefathers in retro design," says Ms Hughes.

'To create this look, at-home decorators can invest in lighting with angular prism shapes or rounded lines, as inspired by the retro era. Finishes should be mesh, brass, black or matte metal. These materials and textures can be added to homes by the way of on-trend designs from the Brilliant Lighting range," Ms Hughes adds.

Lighting can be used to sharpen and add interest into a neutral home. A statement can be made simply by hanging a pendant at eye level asymmetrically or create an eclectic feel by installing a cluster of lights together.

Constantly searching the international design world for inspiration, Brilliant Lighting also studies overseas markets in order to forecast the next big trend in lighting and interior design including product, design innovation, colour and finish.

With blues pegged to be the face of the retro colour revival this season, it's important to accompany Brilliant Lighting pendants with small design elements that create an extra touch of interior professionalism and sophistication.

Ms Hughes says, 'Investing in a retro occasional chair or side table, accompanied by a cluster of low hung brass lighting and blue accessories can really bring life to a dull room. Add in homewares such as rugs, terrariums or reclaimed furniture and you have yourself the perfect retro revival!"

With over a quarter of a century in lighting experience, Brilliant Lighting continues to produce products that are original in design and quality. Renowned for their innovation in domestic lighting, the company is still one of the biggest and most-respected names in the Australian lighting industry with a current range of more than 1500 products.

All Brilliant Lighting products come with a 12-month warranty and use the latest LED technology, the most efficient and durable option on the market.

Brilliant Lighting products come with a 2 year warranty and are available at Bunnings. Prices range from $31 - $200.



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