London Precincts

London Precincts

London is a city with many world's rolled into one – it's big, rich in history and culture, and bustling with the contemporary and the quirky, the glamourous and the edgy.

London is a huge, cultural hub. There's no rhyme or rhythm to the street patterns, unlike New York, and there's little of the expansive, wide, airy boulevards of Paris. Everything is a hodge podge of ideas, with diverse and iconic architecture – some of it centuries old and so beautiful it stops you in your tracks. There are crazy people, rattling black cabs, cyclists zipping through streets never designed to cope with so much traffic; and, of course, every ethnicity and culture on the planet, happily rubbing alongside each other. And one visit is never enough. London can be overwhelming to even the most experienced traveller. To get you started, and keep you going, Fiona McCarthy is here to give you an insider's scoop on the best places to eat, drink and shop, with some key cultural spots thrown in, precinct by precinct. Find the hottest new names (and some revered old ones) in food, fashion and design. Get great ideas for thoughtful and unique gifts (for you as well as others!). And discover some amazing hidden places to relax for a lavish afternoon tea or a nightcap (or two, or three…).

Whatever your tastes, one thing is guaranteed - you're going to love London.

Journalist and contributing editor Fiona McCarthy has been based in London from her native Perth since 1993. As a penniless wannabe journalist, the cheapest and easiest way to get around was by foot – serendipitously providing the perfect opportunity to discover every nook and cranny of such a big, higgledy-piggledy city.

With a keen passion for seeking out unusual and intriguing places, particularly those off the beaten track, and a love of telling people's stories, Fiona has divided her time between writing on fashion, beauty, design, interiors, food and travel for all the British major newspapers and lifestyle glossies (including Living Etc, Elle Decoration, House & Garden and Red). Fiona is the London Editor for Vogue Living and regularly contributes to The Australian's WISH magazine.

London Precincts
Hardie Grant

Author: Fiona McCarthy
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