Lost Girl

Lost Girl

This girl isn't on a train.
This girl is different.
She is on the run.

Introducing Lost Girl, a contemporary Australian take on Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca that combines chilling classic suspense tropes within social media obsessed Sydney. Laced with chilling plot twists that will guarantee to leave you lost in its pages until the early hours.

Em is Sydney's -It' girl " she has it all: style, fame and married to a man who adores her.
So why has she run?

Emerald Reed-McAllister, a high-profile model and stylist, has always been careful to make sure no one sees the real her. Not even her husband Marc"ambitious, intelligent and adoring"knows the real Em.

So when tragedy sends a wrecking ball through her seemingly perfect world, she flees"heading far away from the life she has created for herself. After a near collision in the dark, Em, in a panic, steers off the road and discovers Lammermoor House, a crumbling old ruin that seems mysteriously welcoming"even, just perhaps, a sanctuary. As the days pass, Em starts to believe the house is having a healing effect on her battered soul. But not everyone is happy about Em being there … A series of odd events make Em feel a little uneasy. Was the flicker of movement in a window just a bird flying by or something else? Why are some in town so insistent she leave right away? And what is behind the locked door on the first floor?

J.C. Grey is English-born, J.C. trained as a journalist in London before moving to Sydney where she has worked as a corporate writer, editor and copywriter. She is known for her high-voltage love stories and mysteries with atmospheric evocation of Australian settings.

Lost Girl
Author: J.C. Grey
RRP: $29.99



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