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Make My Shave

Make My Shave Leads the Way with the first Vegan Australia Certified Razor


Since launching in 2021, Make My Shave has been making waves in the shaving market by redefining the female shaving experience. This Australian brand is all about delivering a smoother and more sustainable approach to female shave care. And now, they're stepping up the game even further with the launch of the first ever Vegan Australia Certified women's razor! 


Inspired by a desire for a better way to shave, their new vegan blades are crafted with precision, using 100% vegan-friendly materials that are cruelty-free and gentle on your skin while delivering a flawlessly close, comfortable shave. 


The Vegan Certification Difference:


What truly sets Make My Shave apart is their unswerving commitment to authenticity, and they're not just stopping at lip service. While many brands may claim to be vegan, the journey of verifying each ingredient for authenticity can be complex and rigorous. Here's where Make My Shave takes a leap forward. They've not only made the declaration but have taken the decisive step of securing the seal of approval from Vegan Australia.


Make My Shave Co-founder, Lindsay Kinniburgh, highlights, "Authenticity resonates deeply with us as both a brand and as consumers. This certification is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to delivering genuinely better body care products. 

We've worked closely alongside our manufacturer and Vegan Australia to meticulously ensure that Make My Shave razors are devoid of any animal-derived elements and have not been subjected to animal testing."


The significance of this certification is monumental. It's not merely an accomplishment for the brand; it's a breakthrough for the industry. By proudly becoming Australia's first vegan certified women's razor in the cartridge category, Make My Shave has etched its name into a pioneering chapter of sustainability and ethics. 


Lindsay reiterates, "This achievement stands as a remarkable milestone for our small business. It's not just about a certification; it's a resounding validation of our steadfast commitment to ushering in more eco-conscious body care alternatives for women."


Make My Shave is not just shaving; they're pioneering a movement where ethics, authenticity, and innovation come together to redefine beauty and care. In their journey to transform the shaving experience, the brand is propelling the industry towards a more sustainable and ethical future, one shave at a time.


Review: A smoother and more sustainable approach to shaving has never been easier with Make My Shave. Feel good about your choices while achieving a great results with a close comfortable shave.

About Make My Shave:

Make My Shave is an Australian body care brand that redefines female shave care by making shaving smoother, more convenient, and better for the planet. Their high-performance women's razor is a three-time award winner that adds a touch of glamour to your everyday routine.

About Vegan Australia:

Established in 2012, Vegan Australia is a reputable non-profit organisation committed to fostering ethical practices across the nation. As a registered entity, Vegan Australia collaborates closely with businesses and individuals to uphold stringent standards and criteria, ensuring products meet the esteemed Vegan Australia Certified program.

The name "Vegan Australia" holds profound significance, encapsulating the organisation's unwavering dedication to promoting a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle. 


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