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Margaret Stuart Allen's Fruit & Cream Vote Interview

Which flavour will be the Allen's Fruit & Cream of the crop?

Allen's has welcomed a new Fruit & Cream of the Crop to its iconic lolly line-up. Australians officially chose the irresistibly tempting Blackberry & Cream to join favourites Strawberries & Cream and Peaches & Cream in Allen's Fruits & Cream Mix, launching exclusively at Woolworths this February.

The announcement follows a nationwide vote that saw luscious Blackberry & Cream go head-to-head with runners-up, juicy Apple & Cream and on-trend, zesty Yuzu & Cream.

Nestlé General Manager – Confectionery, Martin Brown, said the search to find the Allen's Fruit & Cream of the Crop showcased the passion of lolly enthusiasts and attracted more entries than ever before.

"What better way to decide on a new Allen's lolly than with the help of the nation! The final addition to the new Allen's Fruits & Cream Mix has been chosen by our fans – the never-been-tasted, by the public, Blackberry & Cream is sure to put smiles on faces when it arrives in store next month.

"We can't wait for our lolly lovers to taste this latest flavour in the Allen's line-up. And no matter how you like to eat your Fruit & Cream – fruit or cream first, or all in one go – it's sure to be truly delicious," Mr Brown said.

Blackberry & Cream took first place with 64 per cent of the votes from the week-long poll, followed by Apple & Cream in second (22 per cent) and Yuzu & Cream finishing in third (14 per cent).

During the vote, Allen's fans expressed their excitement on Allen's Facebook:

• Ahhhhhh I can't decide between Blackberry & Cream or Apple & Cream! Either with Peaches & Cream and Strawberries & Cream will be the ultimate bag
• Blackberry FTW!
• Blackberry all the way
• Definitely blackberry and cream ... delish!!
• I would definitely go blackberry and cream
• BlackBerry! It just makes sense!
• This sounds amazing!!! hope blackberry wins!!

Allen's Fruits & Cream Mix (170g) will be available exclusively at Woolworths from mid-February 2018, at RRP $2.95.

Interview with Margaret Stuart, Nestle's Head of Corporate and External Relations

Question: Can you tell us about the three new Fruit & Cream flavours?

Margaret Stuart: Allen's has a line-up of three new Fruit & Cream flavours with a flavour to tempt all Allen's lovers to vote for their favourite. For those that love the classic green apple flavour, Apple & Cream will be the lolly of choice with Blackberry & Cream made for fans seeking a rich and velvety lolly. The latest, on-trend, Yuzu & Cream, is a never before-seen flavour for Allen's, offering lolly lovers a zesty citrus taste alongside the creamy vanilla base.

Question: Why did you decide to let Australia choose which lolly becomes a local icon?

Margaret Stuart: We repeatedly receive requests for new Allen's lollies from our passionate fans, regularly asking for new Fruit & Cream flavour combinations to join the already popular Strawberries & Cream and Peaches & Cream – and what better way to choose and introduce a new flavour than with a national vote!

Our annual lolly votes have been a big success and are just one way we listen to our lolly connoisseurs. In recent years, they've led to Choc & Cream and Peaches & Cream being introduced in solo packs. And now, we are again giving Australians the chance to have their say to choose their Allen's Fruit & Cream of the Crop, which will be the new Fruit & Cream flavour to join our new Fruits & Cream Mix.

Question: Which lolly will you be voting for and why?

Margaret Stuart: People have really different tastes and ideas so between the Apple & Cream, Blackberry & Cream and Yuzu & Cream, there is a lolly to appeal to everyone.

Personally, I like Yuzu & Cream however I'm also a big fan of the others. The Yuzu & Cream has a citrusy edge that goes really nicely with the cream part of the lolly, making for an excellent combination!

Question: When will we see the all new Allen's Fruits & Cream Mix, on our shelves?

Margaret Stuart: The vote closed on Monday 22nd January and we will announce the winner on Tuesday 23rd February. Following this, our factory will commence making the winning lolly to be included in the new Allen's Fruits & Cream Mix landing on-shelf in Woolworths from mid-February.

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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