Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School

Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School

Quirky, witty and brilliant, Marshall Armstrong is new to school and he definitely stands out from the crowd; but will he find it easy to make friends?

UK-based Australian author and illustrator David Mackintosh delightfully details the beauty that can be found in difference.

He looks different to me.
His laces are straight, not criss-crossed like mine,
And his eyes are always looking at the blackboard.
Marshall Armstrong doesn't fit into our school.

David Mackintosh was born in Belfast and grew up in Australia. He is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator. His innovative book designs have won him numerous awards in Britain and internationally, and he has collaborated with some of the most celebrated names in children's publishing.

Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School
Harper Collins Australia
Author: David Mackintosh
ISBN: 9780007361410
Price: $24.99




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