Melody Burning

Melody Burning

A girl rock star who's never been alone enough to fall in love.
A boy runaway who's grown up so alone he doesn't even know what love is.
A pyromaniac with a dangerous secret.
An explosive romantic thriller.

In the chutes and crawlspaces of an LA hotel lives a young runaway named Beresford. He has no idea who his parents were but he does know that he's in love with rock superstarlet Melody McGrath. When she checks in to Beresford's hotel with her manipulative stage mother, a fatal secret is brought to light. Death is coming for Beresford and Melody. Will the wild child and the It Girl be able to escape with their lives - and love - intact?

Whitley Strieberis one of the great names in speculative fiction, and is the author of numerous books including Communion, The Wolfen, The Hunger, The Day after Tomorrow, Critical Mass, and Omega Point - most of which have been made into films. This is his first book for teenagers.

Melody Burning
Allen and Unwin
Author: Whitley Strieber
ISBN: 9781742379135
Price: $17.99




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