Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!

Mary Christmas wants to love Christmas, but she doesn't love her family's over-the-top celebration. The tree sticks through the roof-it's too big! The lights suck all the power-there are too many!

Every year, the Christmas family puts up the biggest Christmas tree. They hang up the most lights. And their dog, Rudy, barks "Jingle Bells" for the entire neighborhood to hear. The Christmas family LOVES Christmas! That is, all except for seven-year-old Mary Christmas. Mary wants to love it. But how do you make a Christmas celebration better when it's already as big as can be? With some help from her family"and Rudy"Mary just may find a way to make this year's celebration the merriest yet. With oversized humor and heart, this story of spreading Christmas cheer is sure to become a holiday classic.

Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!
Walker Books Australia
Author: Laurie Friedman
Illustrator: Kathryn Durst
ISBN: 9781467792615
RRP: $24.99



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