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Miguel Maestre Moro's Eat Life Up Campaign Interview

Miguel Maestre Moro's Eat Life Up Campaign Interview

Good food is a powerful thing. It can bring people together, spark conversation, create joy, and turn simple moments into cherished memories.

That's why on June 16th Australia's favourite olive oil, Moro, is inviting Aussies to take a seat at their table as they celebrate life's simple pleasures – great food, and great company. The Village Green Eat Life Up! event will be hosted by celebrity chef and TV personality Miguel Maestre and food blogger Lola Berry.

Share in delicious tasting plates, including authentic paella created by Miguel himself, to celebrate the passion, enjoyment and togetherness that food brings to every moment.

Miguel will be hosting cooking sessions throughout the event that will demonstrate how to bring to life tasty meals at home for everyone to enjoy using quality products from the Moro range.

Miguel is excited to be a part of the Moro Eat Life Up! campaign and meet the locals on Tuesday June 15th, 'I'm delighted to be working with an iconic brand whose great tasting products can be found in pantries across Australia. Moro shares my passion for good food and bringing people together to create moments like no other – and that's exactly what the Village Green Eat Life Up! event will be all about."

Conga Foods Senior Brand Manager, Kristen Moxey, agrees with Miguel, 'Our brand is about people getting together and enjoying food – but most importantly it's a brand that brings people together to share in good times. It's at the heart of our brand – so we're excited to be sharing this Moro moment with Sydney locals and food lovers."

Lasting memories can be created with an Instagram printer and there will be specially created Moro recipes from Miguel and leading nutritionist and food blogger Lola Berry to take home. Moro is about sharing great moments with family and friends around the table. Laughter, fun, enjoyment and food lie at the very heart of Moro.

To find out more about the Moro Eat Life Up campaign visit,

Interview with Miguel Maestre

Question: What is the Moro's Eat Life Up Campaign?

Miguel Maestre: Moro's Eat Life Up! campaign is all about celebrating great food and good company, and the special memories that are created through this. Good food has the power to create so much joy and transform simple moments into something special.

Question: What do you hope to achieve from your involvement in the Moro's Eat Life Up Campaign?

Miguel Maestre: I want to encourage Aussies to get together over good food, reconnect at the dinner table and create special moments. I'm very passionate about the way food can bring people together to share in good times and I'm excited to share in these moments at our pop-up event in Parramatta this weekend.

Question: Where can we see the pop up events across Australia you'll be hosting?

Miguel Maestre: The next pop-up event I'll be hosting is this Saturday the 27th of June at Centenary Square in Parramatta between 12.30 – 4.30pm, anyone can come down and enjoy some tasting plates, including the paella I'll be cooking. I'll also be hosting some cooking sessions to show people how they can bring to life tasty meals at home with products from the Moro range. We will be announcing our Melbourne dates soon!

Question: What can Australians do to ensure they are serving healthy, balanced food to their families?

Miguel Maestre: Try and get a good variety of fresh, seasonal produce by shopping at local markets and butchers to get the best quality food you can and don't be afraid of being generous with olive oil, it will bring out all the flavours of your food. Make meal times something special, a moment for the family to come together, chat about the day and spend time together.

Question: What makes a good paella?

Miguel Maestre: Firstly, you need a lot of friends. You can't have paella for one - I've seen paella made and shared with 100,000 people! You need to make the dish in a paella pan using Spanish Bomba rice. The sofrito (the paste) is the soul of the dish. It's where the olive oil, paprika, tomatoes and onions come together to make the flavour. For it to be authentic it's important to have a good Socarrada; a nice crust that forms at the bottom of the pan where all the ingredients have caramelised in the past part of cooking.

Question: What's a typical day's food like, for you?

Miguel Maestre: Sunday's are my favourite because we eat a lot! We like to cook a BBQ breakfast – bacon from the butcher, some fresh eggs and cook up an authentic Spanish/Aussie bacon and egg roll using lots of olive oil.

For lunch we might have some seafood or go out to find a nice place around where we live, it's all about the family and spending time together.

The afternoon has to involve something sweet. We love sweet things, a biscuit, Freon or something with chocolate!

Dinner on a Sunday with the family can be anything. We always sample different kinds of food. Greek, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese whatever – as long as it's enjoyed together.

Question: If you were having guests for dinner, this weekend, what would you serve?

Miguel Maestre: It's not what you cook it's who you cook it with; I always go for the Spanish side of things and get everybody involved. You don't have to go to a fancy restaurant, just have a drink and a chat – it suits the Aussie lifestyle and the best moments are shared this way.

Question: What have you enjoyed most about being on TEN's The Living Room?

Miguel Maestre: The chemistry I have with my friends, Chris Barry and Amanda. I look forward to going to work. When you have a great job and you have such great people to work with it's fantastic. I love the opportunity to do bigger and better things.

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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