Most Beautiful Coffee Shops

Most Beautiful Coffee Shops


Cities With The World's Most Beautiful Coffee Shops Revealed, According To Instagram Data



  • Coffee producer, Tambia, has used Instagram data to  reveal where visitors should travel to sip aesthetic cups of coffee this year  

  • Melbourne is the home to the most beautiful coffee shops in the world, followed by Sydney and Perth
  • Australian cities dominate the top 10, with Brisbane and Adelaide also named as beautiful coffee shop cities

Coffee producer Tambia has studied Instagram data in over 360 cities to discover where is home to the most beautiful coffee shops in the world. The research highlights a diverse selection of trendy coffee cities, with the top ten most aesthetically pleasing locations ranging from Toronto to Dubai.   

Most Beautiful Cities to Have a Coffee 

The most Instagrammable coffee shops in the world can be found in down-under, with five Australian cities making the top 10 list of beautiful coffee cities. Melbourne leads the pack as the city with the most Instagrams posted of its coffee scene.

1. Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne's vibrant art scene has made many of the city's coffee shops a destination in themselves. Garnering nearly 900,000 Instagram posts, influencers across the globe have declared Melbourne the number one city to have an aesthetic cup of coffee. 

2. Sydney, Australia: Sydney takes the second place on the rankings, with over 350,000 Instagram posts highlighting the city's trendy coffee culture. The laid-back vibe, outdoor seating and ocean views make Sydney's coffee scene a thriving coastal paradise for coffee lovers. 

3. Perth, Australia: Perth may be one of the most isolated cities in the world, but that has not stopped it from becoming a hotspot for coffee lovers. With over 280,000 Instagram posts, Perth's coffee shops offer the perfect location for a daily brew (or two), and a lot of photo sharing. 

4. Brisbane, Australia: Brisbane rounds out the top four, with over 230,000 Instagram posts highlighting the city's coffee culture. The city's tropical weather and lush greenery create a picture-perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee and soak up the sun. 

5. London, UK: With over 200,000 Instagram posts dedicated to London's coffee shops, the city is a haven for coffee lovers and the only non-Australian location in the top five. The coffee scene in London is constantly evolving, with many coffee shops offering speciality brews from around the world. A must-visit for any caffeine lover looking to broaden their horizons and Instagram their way through it. 

Sarah Del Corral, Partner at Tambia comments: "Instagram is a fantastic place to find the trendiest spots to visit, especially if you are travelling to a new city. A cup of joe is such a natural part of our day to day, even when abroad, so it's wonderful to see people share the places they love the most on social media. We hope our research serves as inspiration to guide you on your next travel and take in the colours, scents and wonderful sights that cities around the world have to offer, while you enjoy a locally authentic brew." 

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