Are You The One?

Are You The One?

Are You The One?

MTV's hit matchmaking experiment, Are You The One? (AYTO), returns for a fourth season on Tuesday, 19th July at 9.30pm.


Building on AYTO's already successful formula, season four will feature a game-changing twist that will test the theory of -Love at first sight.' On day one, immediately after meeting in Hawaii, 10 single women will line up across from 10 single men and the group will be asked who believes in -love at first sight.' The first three people to raise their hands and acknowledge their belief in the notion will be asked to walk over to their potential perfect match. The three couples will then go on dates as the rest of the cast decides which couple to send to the first truth booth of the season. If the couple is determined a match, not only will they prove that love at first sight is possible but, $250,000 will also be added to the million-dollar jackpot. The first perfect match will then set off to spend the rest of their time in the remote honeymoon suite.


Throughout the season, the couples will be forced to rule with both their heads and their hearts if they hope to succeed. If at any point during the weekly ceremonies the singles fail to make at least one perfect match (known in the game as a -blackout'), the group will be penalised with the loss of $250,000. What does that mean? Four blackouts means no jackpot. If all 10 couples successfully find each other, they'll walk away not only with love, but their share of one million dollars.


This season's singles:



Alyssa, 22 – Elgin, IL, Instagram: @lysscait

Camille, 23 – Wheatley Heights, NY, Instagram: @millegabrielle

Emma, 22 – Parker, CO, Instagram: @emmabsweigard  

Francesca, 22 – New York, NY, Instagram: @francesca_duncan

Julia, 22 – New Orleans, LA, Instagram: @jrose_3    

Kaylen, 22 – Compton, CA, Instagram: @amazedbykay

Mikala, 22 – Ocean City, NJ, Instagram: @mikalathomass

Nicole, 22 – Denver, CO, Instagram: @nuhcole11

Tori, 23 – Astoria, NY, Instagram: @torideal

Victoria, 22 – Chino Hills, CA, Instagram: @victoria_wyatt



Asaf, 24 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Instagram: @asafgoren1

Cam, 22 – Aurora, CO, Instagram: @bruckman

Cameron, 25 – Hattiesburg, MS, Instagram: @camkobo

Giovanni, 23 – Bridgeport, CT, Instagram: @rivgio

John, 23 – Norfolk, NE, Instagram: @aka_johnnydrama

Morgan, 24 – New York, NY, Instagram: @morgansaintpierre

Prosper, 25 – Albany, NY, Instagram: @IAMPMUNA

Sam, 22 – Barrington, IL, Instagram: @SamHandler32

Stephen, 24 – Media, PA, Instagram: @stephenjohnii

Tyler, 26 – San Diego, CA, Instagram: @niddygriddy

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