Rainbow Fairies Olympia the Games Fairy & Pop Star Faires

Olympia the Games Fairy

Olympia the Games Fairy will start kids off on a year of sporty fun!

Kirsty and Rachel are on an exciting day out to watch a triathlon - a three-part race where the athletes have to swim, cycle and run. But when the competitors start swimming round in circles, it's clear that all is not well. Olympia the Games Fairy appears and explains that Jack Frost has stolen the three magical items which she needs to make sure the Fairyland Games, which are also on at the moment, run smoothly. Without them, both the human and fairyland games are doomed to chaos!

Olympia the Games Fairy
Hachette Australia
Author: Daisy Meadows
ISBN: 9781408315965
Price: $12.99

Rainbow Magic: The Pop Star Fairies

It's time to meet seven new fairy friends - the glamorous, glittering Pop Star Fairies!
Kirsty and Rachel are in for a surprise when their fairy friends whisk them off to the Fairyland Music Festival, only for Jack Frost and his goblins to strut onto the stage! The naughty gang have stolen the Pop Star Fairies' magical clef necklaces, and Jack Frost intends to use them to become the biggest star in the world.

The girls must help Miley the Stylist Fairy get her magic clef back, or pop stars will never look the part again!

The Pop Star Fairies: Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315941
The Pop Star Fairies: Jessie the Lyrics Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315897
The Pop Star Fairies: Adele the Singing Coach Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315903
The Pop Star Fairies: Vanessa the Dance Step Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315910
The Pop Star Fairies: Frankie the Make-Up Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315934
The Pop Star Fairies: Una the Concert Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315958
The Pop Star Fairies: Miley the Stylist Fairy
ISBN: 9781408315927

The Pop Star Fairies
Hachette Australia
Author: Daisy Meadows
Price: $9.99




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