On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold!

A Funny and Fact-Filled Guide to Every Olympic Sport

From boxing to boccia, find out just what it takes to become an Olympic and Paralympic star in this hilariously informative guide to the games. For each sport you'll discover why it's great, why it's not so great, what skills and equipment you'll need to start practising and even how to sound like a pro! With bold, energetic illustrations and a text packed with weird, wonderful and wildly hilarious facts, this is a laugh-a-minute, fascinating guide to every Olympic and Paralympic sport.

Scott Allen is a children's author and former sports journalist, who will happily watch Olympic taekwondo way past his bedtime. It has taken him over forty years to discover that he is only good at sports that involve water - swimming, water polo, Octopush and diving from the side of the pool. He's average at everything else, so that's why he writes about sport instead of becoming an Olympic gold medallist. Scott is the football-mad author of Llamas Go Large and Llamas United and now lives in Yorkshire with his wife, two children and a cat.

Antoine Corbineau is an illustrator and creative conjurer, who has worked with major brands, newspapers and advertising agencies across the world. He specialises in creating colourful, fun and beautifully striking work featuring busy patchworks of texture, imagery and typography. Antoine is a keen sailor and also loves sports that involve standing on a board, like surfing and skating ... but not diving as that's a bit scary.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold!
Allen and Unwin
Author: Scott Allen
Illustrator: Antoine Corbineau
ISBN: 9781788007276
RRP: $19.99