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Handy Hints For Planning This Year's Christmas Function

Handy Hints For Planning This Year's Christmas Function

Christmas is just around the corner - and I can't be the only one who thinks that that happened awfully fast, right? I swear it was only May a heartbeat ago and just yesterday, I saw Christmas decorations in my local shopping centre. Luckily for me, I was getting organised for my Christmas party in July, and so the planning and hard yards are well behind me. That said, I know that there are plenty of people who didn't get quite as organised and who might be struggling now with planning out their Christmas party - whether it's for work or for home. This guide is for you - in the hopes that you'll be able to plan a smooth and hassle-free party that is both memorable and special for your family, friends or colleagues.

Step One: Get the venue sorted and get this party started
When you're thinking about holding a Christmas party, you need to think about one thing first and foremost - where. The party hinges not entirely on location, but it is an important part of the fun. It doesn't matter if you're thinking of throwing the party in a park or in a penthouse suite, the location will require some thought. Perhaps consider whether you're throwing an informal do, or whether it's more of a black tie kind of event. Plan the venue accordingly because a relaxed park setting probably wouldn't work for formal event, just as a penthouse wouldn't work for a chilled out do. If there are going to be kids at the party, take this into consideration when you're planning as well.

Step Two: Make sure the food is amazing
The food is such a big part of the party and it's a shame when it is terrible. Get around the bad food by hiring a caterer and getting them to take care of the whole shebang for you. So that you're not running the food out yourself, consider Hire A Waiter, they will take care of the running around and give yourself a chance to relax. Your guests will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and will get a real kick out of being served by a waiter at your party - especially if the party is being held in your home!

Step Three: Look after the drinks
Making sure that everyone has enough to eat is one thing, but the drinks are another thing entirely! Ensure you have a good mix of red wine, white wine and beers and ensure there's plenty of soft drinks too for the non-drinkers and kids. You could even think about making up a punch or something non-alcoholic, with the option to add in some brandy or vodka if the mood for drinking strikes. Let's be honest as well, the vast majority of people will be drinking, so it's probably a good idea to have a stocked bar.

Step Four: Theme if you want to
A great party doesn't have to have a theme, but it sure can help to set the tone for the evening. You can get the theme action pumping with a tailor made invitation that explains what the theme is, and let people know if they need to dress up so they have plenty of notice. Theming doesn't have to be too crazy either, something as simple as -Winter Wonderland' will suffice, and it allows people to go as crazy as they want to with their dress and accoutrements.

I hope that these small tips have been helpful for you in planning your next big Christmas party and that you manage to throw throw the party of the festive season. Good luck and happy holidays!


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