Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild
Tess Taylor, Alexis Neiers and Gabrielle Neiers Take Hollywood by Storm when 'Pretty Wild' Premiers April 6th at 10pm AEDST only on E!

This Nine Episode Series Features a Trio of Sassy Sisters Navigating Their Way in a City Full of Temptation

Pretty Wild

E! takes an unfiltered look at three beautiful, sassy, if not somewhat unconventional sisters trying to live a spiritually grounded life in the "City of Angels." Against the backdrop of the glitzy, temptation-filled Hollywood scene, these three girls work, play and love big: Tess (20) is the oldest of the three, works as a model, and is a heartbreaker as well as a self-proclaimed rule breaker; 19-year-old Alexis ("Lexi"), the middle child, also models and her close relationship with Tess includes a healthy dose of sibling rivalry; and 16-year-old Gabrielle ("Gabby") is the youngest and most emotional of the three, but often comes across as the most level-headed member of the family. These three women are not facing life in Los Angeles alone, though. At the helm is mom Andrea, who does her best to lead the girls down the right path with home schooling and impromptu prayer circles, but is struggling with the fact that she may have given them too much freedom growing up. And as the "rock" in this family, step dad Jerry is a calming influence on the girls and Andrea, and is always there for them with love and support. Take a crazy ride with this fascinating, funny, flawed and always unpredictable Hollywood family when "Pretty Wild" premieres Tuesday, April 6 at 10pm AEDST only on E!

In the first episode, Tess and Alexis are thrilled to see their dreams coming true when they score huge modelling contracts to represent the sexy Biatta Intimates line, which will put them in the spotlight at LA Fashion Week. But when Lexi's name hits the news for allegedly being part of a burglary ring targeting celebrities, the lingerie reps pull her from the campaign. Although devastated, she must find it in herself to support Tess' first walk down the runway even though her own opportunity was lost. And with all the public awareness on Lexi, the family must find a way to pull together if they are all to survive this crisis.

In this season of "Pretty Wild," viewers will see that the road to Hollywood can be filled with plenty of ups and downs. The family must band together to help Lexi as she prepares to move forward with her legal team, giving support and advice and even attending counselling together to figure out how to face this life-altering event. When the paparazzi start staking out their home, Andrea decides it's time to move to a more private property. However, Gabby comes undone at the prospect of leaving her childhood abode. Tess and Lexi have grown up in Tinseltown's celebrity scene, hanging out with celebrities and hitting all the hottest clubs in town. Now they are bringing little sister Gabby into that world by throwing her a 16th birthday bash complete with an appearance by DJ Paul Oakenfeld.

Tess and Lexi continue to make their way in Hollywood, and this season the sexy duo gets the opportunity to be in a photo shoot with NFL superstar Vernon Davis. On an outing to a popular Los Angeles restaurant with Mickey Avalon and some friends, the pair learns that a mutual friend needs hot women for his music video. In the spirit of competition, Tess and Lexi challenge each other to see who's better at pole tricks, and therefore more worthy of being the bikini-clad rock chick in the video.

For Tess, dating is something she has never had to struggle with, but this season she is heartbroken when she realizes she can have any man she wants, except the famous singer she's after. Not the kind of young ladies who are down and out for long, Tess and Lexi make their way to Cabo San Lucas to attend an inspiring Hope for Haiti party. Wherever they go, these dynamic women are the centre of attention, and they end up meeting and competing for two handsome young men in Mexico who sweep them off their feet in the tropical paradise.

"Pretty Wild" is produced by Borderline Amazing Productions and New Wave Entertainment Tom Brunelle and Chelsea Handler serve as Executive Producers for Borderline Amazing Productions, and Barry Katz, Bian Volk-Weiss and Bill Thompson serve as Executive Producers for New Wave Entertainment. Amber Mazzola is Executive Producer for Five Five Productions and Dan Levy is also Executive Producer for the series.

(E! is available on FOXTEL, OPTUS and AUSTAR on Channel 121)