Putting the Bounce into Fitness

Putting the Bounce into Fitness

Putting the Bounce into Fitness

Five reasons why Bounce Fit will keep you healthy

In an East Brisbane studio, women are jumping around like kids as they embrace Bounce Fit, a new low impact cardio workout using a mini trampoline.

Katie Dickens, founder of Bounce Fit, said it is time for the kids to move over and let the adults have fun on the trampoline.

'Bounce Fit is a fun way for people to tap into their inner child and get fit at the same time," she said.

'Who said fitness has to be monotonous and hard work?"

Katie said jumping on the trampoline was the thing she like to do most as a child.

'I've taken that love of bounce and combined with my experience as a dancer and personal trainer creating this energetic workout set to some really cool music," she said.

'With Bounce Fit you can burn up to 750 calories in just 45 minutes.

'Instead of pounding the pavement, people can use the mini-tramp for a low impact and high energy FUN workout."

Katie said Bounce Fit is great for anyone who wants to lose weight, improve coordination, and increase fitness and muscle tone, balance and core strength.

'My background is in Pilates, personal training and dance so I combined these elements to refine and define those troublesome areas," she said. 'Creating a dancer's body without the need to come from a dancer's background."

Katie said Bounce Fit is a great workout. 'For busy women, it's a 30-45minute class, in and out, create a sweat and feel the burn, and every 12 weeks, I change the program," she said, adding variety and keeping you motivated.

'There are a lot of generic classes out there. Bounce Fit is my way making exercise fun by adding variety."

Katie said celebs like Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks are turning to min-trampolining because it is fun and gets solid results.

Five reasons why Bounce Fit jump starts your health

1. Give your body an oxygen burst - I bet you've noticed those extra lines and wrinkles as you get older.  Bounce Fit gets the blood moving and oxygen flowing, improving the skin's elasticity.

2. Get a dancer's body – the action of jumping up and down elongates the muscles giving your body a fit dancer's physique without having to become a dancer.

3. No more niggly knees and wonky hips – Bounce Fit is a low impact cardio workout with the mini-tramp absorbing most of the shock. With the added benefit of strengthening back muscle and taking the strain on knees and hips.

4. Feel like a kid again - Bouncing helps your body produce endorphins, which is a hormone released when you are having fun. It is so hard not to smile while doing Bounce Fit.

5. Cold and flu prevention – Bouncing on a mini-tramp improves your lymphatic system's efficiency and improves your immune system. That is a good thing because the lymphatic system is your body's defence against infection, viruses, bacteria and disease.

Katie Dickens is the founder of Transform by Katie Dickens and creator of The Transform Method.

She is a qualified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, choreographer, and dance teacher.

Her reason for getting out of bed every day is to help people achieve a more realistic idea of what a healthy body shape is. By combining techniques from all fields and rolling them into one intense, rewarding body workout that tightens, tones and targets those problem areas traditional forms of exercise neglect.

Katie aims to help women improve self-confidence and self-esteem through her Bounce Fit and Transform Methods.

Watch for demo of Bounce Fit on YouTube.


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