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Rachael Finch Sun Care and New Year Health Resolutions Interview

Rachael Finch Sun Care and New Year Health Resolutions Interview

The sun is shining, the beach is calling, and unfortunately for those with sensitive skin – it can seem like it's easier to simply stay indoors. But it's not the sun causing that sore, irritated or inflamed skin you experience in the warmer months. In fact, it is likely to be your sunscreen.

Sunscreen has a wealth of benefits, especially for us living in the -sunburnt country', and should be a staple in even the most basic of beauty routines. So what should you do if you're quite literally faced with distressed skin or the alternative of hiding out all summer? 'Find the sunscreen that's right for you," says Amcal Beauty Ambassador Rachael Finch.

'When it comes to defense against the sun - it all comes down to ingredients, and knowing what works for your own skin," says Rachael, who admits to being selective about her own sun care regime.

'While sunscreen with a chemical filter absorbs the harmful rays and generally blends into skin much more naturally, it can wreak havoc on sensitive skin types – in which case a physical barrier sunscreen option which reflects the rays might be best, even if it does feel a little heavier.

'What's important to remember is that there is no one type of sunscreen that will work for all people, but everyone must use some kind of sun care to protect their skin from age spots, pigmentation issues, premature ageing and cancer."

Interview with Amcal Beauty Ambassador Rachael Finch

Question: Can you share your top five tips for a sun-safe summer?

Rachael Finch: Don't rely on your beauty brand -go-to' when it comes to sun care:
There is no better feeling than when you find a beauty brand that just -gets you', with an entire range that works with your skin that you can pick up all in one go. Unfortunately, sunscreen really is the exception to this rule. Make sure you read labels, patch-test your skin first, and find the type that's not going to cause irritation or inflammation.

Keep your little ones in mind:
Children have delicate skin, and as such, they need stronger protection from the sun. As well as keeping them physically covered up with hats, rash vests and sunglasses, it's important to incorporate a sunscreen that's gentle on young skin while still containing a decent SPF rating. We love the Amcal Toddler Sunscreen in SPF50+ (125ml), at just $7.99 a pop.

Lather up, but be sure to wash it off!
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving your sunscreen on once you've finished with the sun for the day! Sunscreens that work as a physical barrier to UV rays tend not to absorb into the skin as easily as those with a chemical filter, and can clog your pores if left on for prolonged periods of time. Make sure you rinse off after lathering up to avoid break-outs.

If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is:
Fragranced or perfumed sunscreens often contain petrochemicals, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Similarly, spray sunscreens sound good in theory but can be tricky to navigate (especially with little ones!) leaving unexpected sunburn patches from lack of coverage. Stick to non-fragranced sunscreen with visible coverage so you can ensure you're protected in the most natural way. We love the Amcal sunscreen Dry Touch SPF 50 lotion which allows you to lather this directly onto skin, without that sticky feeling. 125ml retails for just $7.99.

Don't forget to pucker-up for lip-friendly protection:
If you've ever had sunburnt lips, you know that those nasty blisters take ages to heal, hurt and sometimes even cause your lips to swell up. Avoid this by applying an easy-to-use, moisturising lip balm with SPF 50+ protection. Unlike sunscreen, this balm is not visibly white nor thick in texture and can be used in addition to your lipstick, while hydrating at the same time. We love Amcal's moisturising lip balm which retails for just $3.49

Question: Do you wear sunscreen, all year round?

Rachael Finch: A: I wear sunscreen on my face all year round and apply sunscreen on my body when I know I'm going to be exposed to the sun during the harsher periods (between 10:00am and 2:00pm). I also make it a priority to wear a hat every time I go out.

Question: How many products are in your morning and night skincare routine?

Rachael Finch: A: I use a handful of products morning and night. In the morning I cleanse and moisturise and in the evening I usually cleanse, use a toner and moisturise. Once a week I exfoliate and once every fortnight I like to put on a hydrating mask. I love the Boots Laboratories Serum 7 day and night cream as my moisturiser - it's smooth and hydrating for my skin type. I also love the Skin Theory exfoliating polish which has sea salt crystals that gently dissolve as I exfoliate. It works really well with my skin.

Question: What are your 2017 New Year's Resolutions?

Rachael Finch: A: I want to include more meditation and mindfulness into my year and really focus on my Russian! Violet is learning both languages (English and Russian) and I need to keep up with her!

Question: What would we find in your gym bag?

Rachael Finch: A: My dance shoes, headphones, a skipping rope, a spare change of clothes, fruit or a healthy snack like nuts, water and usually a packet of the Skin Theory makeup wipes for when I finish work and want to get a quick dance class in.

Question: What's a typical day's food, for you?

Rachael Finch: A: Every day is different. I like changing up my ingredients and getting as much colour and variety in my meals as possible. My online dance workout program 'Body of Dance' or B.O.D, includes a lot of what I eat throughout any one day. An example day could be, eggs on toast with avo for breaky, lamb kofta kebabs with salad for lunch and a healthy version of fish and chips for dinner using sweet potato. I like to start every day with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and warm lemon water.

Question: What's your go-to snack?

Rachael Finch: A: A filling smoothie with frozen banana, spinach, cocoa powder, almond milk and dates or I make up a batch of protein balls at the start of the week and take a couple whenever I get peckish.

Love The Skin You're In: 6 Essentials For The Ultimate Valentine's Day Beauty Look

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, Amcal Beauty Ambassador Rachael Finch has spared five minutes from her busy schedule to tell us how to master the ultimate Valentine's Day beauty look.

The soon-to-be mother of two believes that planning is key to getting your skin looking its absolute best for that special someone.

Whether you have an intimate dinner booked for two, an afternoon picnic planned or perhaps a Gal-entine's Day night out with girlfriends, Rachael shares her top five tips for women who are looking for a killer beauty routine this Valentine's Day.

'It's so often that we women feel the need to impress by layering on the make-up, and we forget about just how bad this can be for our skin.

'This Valentine's Day, I encourage all women to celebrate their beauty and look for simple and special ways to enhance their favourite features, rather than slinking back into their everyday beauty routine."

Check out Rachael's top beauty essentials below that are sure to make you look and feel your most confident and fabulous self this Valentine's Day:

Allow time for preparation: In the lead up to Valentine's Day, you want to make sure your skin is glowing and in its prime. Drinking at least one to two litres of water daily and getting a minimum eight hours beauty sleep each night will do wonders for your skin, leaving you radiating, hydrated and ready for your lucky date. For a longer term skin essential, invest in a good quality SPF moisturiser to protect your precious skin from the harsh Australian sun. I like the Skin Theory Day Cream (RRP $12), because it's lightweight, absorbs quickly, has SPF and can be worn alone or under make-up.

Avoid the complexity with a loyal foundation: The last thing you need is having your make-up looking cakey or your skin feeling oily, so a fragrance-free mineral powder foundation will hide the blemishes, reduce that shine and control those oily patches in a flash. Pop the compact in your handbag for touch ups, along with the perfect applicator to match. For a flawless finish, try the Colour Theory Powder Brush, at just $12.

Be the eye catcher: No matter what the occasion, eye contact is extremely powerful so when preparing for your romantic soiree, apply a light coat of concealer on the inside corner of your eye, as well as underneath, to even out any blemishes or dark circles that might be lurking. I like to use warm, earthy and neutral tones with a hint of rose gold for some night-time glam. Make sure you apply the lighter shades on the inside of your eyelid and the darker near the crease, blending each of the shadows together to diminish any hard lines.

It's time to get cheeky: I find that less is more in the blush department because it's much easier to apply in small doses than to remove the product after you've already started your routine. In a circular motion, I apply a Colour Theory blush in -Cheeky Glow' (RRP $6) at the base of my cheekbone before moving upwards towards my hairline in a light sweep. If you're not sure where to start, break into a cheeky smile in front of the mirror and you should be able to identify exactly where your cheekbones are.

Keep balm and carry on: Being Valentine's Day, many women choose to wear a bold red lip, but you can still make that passion happen with a lip colour more subtle, like a dusty rose or peachy orange. I also prefer to go with a gloss rather than a lipstick because the texture instantly plumps and moisturises your lips. Try the latest Colour Theory Fresh Glass Lip Gloss range at just $8 per gloss – they have a yummy hint of mint flavour to them!

Don't forget the highlighter: I never leave the house without an application of highlighter and this Valentine's Day won't be any exception! I prefer to use a combination of bronzer and highlighter to define my cheekbones and give me a natural sun-kissed glow. But to perfect the contouring technique, you'll need the right tools - I like the Colour Theory Angled Brush at just $12.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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