Red Samurai

Red Samurai

Red Samurai, the second book in the Roxy Ran trilogy encompasses Tiffiny's belief that people need to gain confidence and self-esteem from a young age. She says that in The Biggest Loser, -Many of my contestants were starved of self-belief as kids and I was determined to write a story that would empower children to feel invincible; to be warriors in pursuit of their dreams.'

Roxy is now the White Warrior. She has a crush she is desperate to keep secret, plus the school bully to deal with. Roxy's sister, Elecktra, has always been a great magician, but when she shows off her magic tricks at school, the town of Lanternwood begins to transform with a sense of samurai and the ninjas are no longer safe. There is an enemy lurking and it soon becomes clear that the White Warrior is about to meet her match.

Fifth Dan Taekwondo black belt, athlete, Logie-nominated television personality " there is no doubt Tiffiny Hall has many titles tucked under her black belt. She has a Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications and a Diploma of Modern Languages in French from the University of Melbourne. Tiffiny worked as a print journalist before writing her first health books. She regularly appears in schools across the country recruiting young ninjas everywhere she goes.

Red Samurai
HarperCollins Australia
Author: Tiffiny Hall
ISBN: 9780732294540
RRP: $14.99


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