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Samantha Sargent Water You Talking About Interview

Samantha Sargent Water You Talking About Interview

AEOS distributor and holistic nutritionist, Samantha Sargent, has earned a reputation for being a respected advocate and leader within the natural health and beauty industry. With 18+ years of industry experience, various professional accreditations, and regularly being interviewed for her expert advice, Samantha has been featured in Australian, American and British magazines, websites, blogs and radio, including, Foxtel's Lifestyle YOU, Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Russh, Women's Health, Nature & Health, Women's Health & Fitness, Australian Women's Weekly, Cleo, Famous, Peppermint, Better Health, Your Fitness, EcoLuxe and Real Living magazines, to name just a few.

What makes Samantha's approach unique is the depth of practical hands-on research she undertakes throughout the world, coupled with her holistic and common sense approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives. She considers all aspects of life by drawing down on her diverse training in health a and healing modalities such as Holistic Nutrition, Make Up Artistry, Skin Care and Image Training, Physical Education (Fitness), Aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation and Aura-Soma Colour Therapy.

Interview with Samantha Sargent; natural health and beauty expert, holistic nutritionist and distributor of AEOS

Question: How important is water to our skin?

Samantha Sargent: The reality today, is that we need to be mindful of the source of our water. Gone are the days where we can drink water from a running stream or from the tap due to the toxicity. This same can be said for the water source within skin care products. The importance or relevance of this in regards to how it affects our skin can be dramatic.

Question: Can you share with us some of the things we may not know about water and our skin?

Samantha Sargent: Our skin naturally has a low pH (slightly acidic) so it is advisable to wash your skin with neutral or slightly acidic water eg. rainwater is ideal, but not practical for most people who live in the city. So, when cleansing your skin if you live in the city it's even more important to support the pH balance of your skin by avoiding products that are highly alkaline, such as soap-based synthetic products, as they can disrupt the acid mantle that protects your skin.

Question: How do you use crystals in your day-to-day life?

Samantha Sargent: Yikes, there are so many possibilities. Me personally, we have about a tonne of crystals throughout our house ranging from a small little pocket sized quartz that I carry with me everywhere; to 150kg amethyst caves in our living room, and everything in between. My husband likes to strategically place them throughout the house, and it's funny because the first thing people mention when visiting our home is how calm and peaceful it feels. I believe that the crystals have a part to play in that feeling. I use crystals as and when I feel particularly drawn to them. For example, at the moment I am in love with the Lemurian Quartz that we have on our dining table, so every now and then I pick it up and hold it in my lap for a few minutes. And then there's the everyday use of crystals via AEOS skin care that contains liquid tinctures of crystals. After hand-selecting crystals from various parts of the world, AEOS then works with an alchemist who spends 12 months transforming the stones into a tincture that can be absorbed by the skin before adding them to their skincare products. AEOS not only has a physical benefit to the skin, but also an emotional benefit to our body and mind. For a first timer wanting to try AEOS, I highly recommend the Optimal Essentials Kit, it's the ultimate mix-and-match introduction to top-to-toe AEOS skincare.

Question: Which crystal will help reduce stress?

Samantha Sargent: Blue lace agate is a beautiful crystal for helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Amethyst is also extremely beneficial for helping to harmonise the nervous system, having a relaxing effect that is beneficial in times of stress, and helpful for promoting sleep.

Question: How do you use herbs to improve skin health?

Samantha Sargent: There is an herb to help benefit just about every physical and emotional concern. Herbs are widely recognised for their beneficial properties with regards to skin health, whether the herb is ingested or applied topically within a cream, oil, compress or balm. I love AEOS' Herbal Face Mask, it's so soothing and smells great for just $16.30.

Question: What inspired your interest in holistic nutritionist?

Samantha Sargent: Nothing sparked any particular sudden interest. I was brought in a healthy household. We weren't allowed soft drinks or even Ribena fruit juice. My mum cooked our three meals each day, and I was vegetarian from a teenager, and am now primarily vegan. I do like the occasional -happy' biodynamic egg from the chooks that live on the hill nearby where we live. So you could say that healthy living has always been an interest and constant in my life. Yes, I indulged (partied) more than the average person during my late teens and early 20s with every vice I could get my hands on. And I'm grateful I got it all out of my system at such an early age, so that I could 'get on with my life" when I was in my 20s. At that point I enrolled in college to study nutrition for a few years and loved it. Since then I have constantly been learning about whole-isitc nutrition. Don Tolman is my greatest source of inspiration for seeking out the truest truths in regards to nutrition. I first heard him speak about 10 years ago and I am as much, if not more, inspired by his wisdom today as I was back then.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Samantha Sargent: Yikes that's a tricky one, as we travel so much, so when on the road, there is no typical day. But... when we're at home it goes a little like this:

Morning Ritual // Wake up to the birds chirping. Go for a walk and swim with my husband at the beach. Do a workout in our yoga/training room (when I'm being good). Dry Body Brush. Shower. Morning skin care ritual + a 2 minute self-massage with body oil. Sit on the day bed on the balcony with a cup of cold drip organic coffee and freshly made hemp mylk… that my husband makes for me each morning … yes I am spoilt ;) Answer emails.

Daytime Ritual // Enjoy a homemade breakfast/lunch together with my husband at about midday. More work on the laptop or in the lab, depending on what's required. Or a play in the veggie patches to gather veggies and herbs for dinner. Sipping on herbal tea throughout the afternoon. Late afternoon we go for a walk together at the beach just before the sun sets, and do a little sungazing. It's our transition from -working day' to -evening together'.

Evening Ritual // Enjoy a homemade dinner together. Run a bath with a few drops of essential oils in the water. Evening skin care ritual with my AEOS Optimal Essentials Kit. Light a couple of candles in the bedroom. Jump in bed and snuggle up together whilst watching a movie or documentary. Sleep

Question: What five food ingredients could you not live without?

Samantha Sargent: Avocado, celtic sea salt, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, home-made sauerkraut, hemp seeds, apples, berries, walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, cayenne pepper, lemons, tomatoes, freshly grated turmeric, potatoes. Ok so that was more than five. I LOVE food and LOVE cooking; so it is simply impossible for me to narrow it down to just five. We recently did a 7 day water fast, and yeah, well, as you can imagine I was fantasising about all the things I would eat when it was over.

Question: Do you have an inspiring life motto that you can share, with us?

Samantha Sargent: It's not what you do that matters. It's the way you do what you do that matters most." I heard this during my Aura-Soma training and it really hit a note within the depths of myself. I think about it every day, and try my best to apply it to all that I do. I don't get it right all the time. I trip. I stumble. And sometimes I fall fabulously flat on my face. But I pick myself up, dust myself off, and laugh it off.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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