Scarlett Fever

Scarlett Fever

Filled with Maureen's signature wit, Scarlett Fever is the fantastically funny follow-up to the smash-hit Suite Scarlett. It's certainly been an exciting last few years for this much-loved and accomplished author of ten published YA novels.

In 2009 Maureen became a New York Times bestselling author with her collaborative release Let it Snow with John Green and Lauren Myracle. And in 2010 she was then anointed 'Secret Sister" status to John and his brother Hank when she filled in on their blog: vlogbrothers during John's brief paternity leave hiatus. She again took up this post more recently in 2013.

Maureen also righty secured her top ranking amongst today's teen readers when she was crowned Queen of Teen (quite literally!) in the UK in 2012. She will reign until later this year. In addition to writing books, Maureen has also worked as a scriptwriter for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video games. And along with Robin Wasserman, she is also the chair of the Lit Track of LeakyCon (an annual conference that celebrates everything about being a fan and blends the nerdy fun of Comic Con with a community feel).

Most recently Maureen was selected to represent the YA category for World Book Day 2014 with the short story The Boy in the Smoke. Right now she is currently working on several projects, including the third instalment in the Suite Scarlett series. She boasts an impressive 95,000 followers on Twitter. So impressive is her Twitter presence Time Magazine even named her one of the top 140 people to follow on line. With such commanding list of growing accolades, there is no chance of Maureen giving that crown back.

Maureen Johnson was crowned the 2012 Queen of Teen in the UK – but, as it turns out, she is American. She is a New York Times bestselling author of ten YA novels. She has also written many collaborative works, such as Let it Snow (with John Green and Lauren Myracle).

Scarlett Fever
The Five Mile Press
Author: Maureen Johnson
RRP: $16.95


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