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10th Birthday Celebrations

Secret Garden Festival 2018

Secret Garden is thrilled to announce its return in 2018 for another weekend of frivolous fun on Friday 23 and Saturday 23 February. At the festival renowned for its extravagantly curated worlds and choose-your-own-adventure forest disco fun, 2018 also marks the 10th birthday for this little festival that's run for mates, by mates. Any Gardener who has experienced what Secret Garden has to offer knows exactly what that means: more party, more glitter, more hidden worlds for you to get lost in.

Secret Garden has sold out every year, with only a limited amount of tickets released to maintain its intimate, community vibe. This year, Secret Garden will be giving loyal Gardeners (those who went to Secret Garden in 2015, 2016 or 2017) first access to tickets with a pre-sale starting at 9am (NSW) Tuesday 26 September. Any remaining tickets will go on sale Thursday 28 September.

Secret Garden is treasured for encouraging Gardeners to participate, not just spectate. There is something for everyone at the festival, a mixed bag of fun and entertainment at all times and the more you explore Secret Garden, the more it gives back. Last year's festival saw 48 colourful hours of fancy dress, forest adventures, dance tutorials, a heaving gay disco and a massive celebration of love with the festival's first legally-binding wedding. The music lineup each year isn't announced until tickets sell out, and in true tradition this year will be no different. Secret Garden does this because it means everyone is there for exactly the same reason, which creates a bloody good atmosphere.

Speaking of bloody good atmosphere, Friday nights at Secret Garden are renowned for the festival-wide dress up theme which has seen some stunning input. And with Saturday's theme being left open to craft a costume to fulfil your deepest desires, you bet we'll see some incredible creations yet again. Trust us, no one takes dress up as seriously as our Gardeners do. This year's Friday theme will be announced in due course, so get those sequins and hot glue guns ready.

Secret Garden is a festival for mates, by mates, imagined and realised each year by a family of 100+ playful creatives who share the vision of an inclusive, over-the-top and flamboyant celebration. Buckle up for a weekend of unpredictable escapades in fancy dress where you'll make new mates and dive headfirst into a magical world where drag queens and disco rules.

Secret Garden Festival 2018
Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th February, 2018
Gardener pre-sale starts 9am (NSW) Tuesday 26 September
Any remaining tickets will go on sale 9am (NSW) Thursday 28 September


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