Sister Pact

Sister Pact

Sister Pact is the first tandem novel by Brisbane sisters Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter.

The romantic comedy tells the story of Joni and Frances, two very different sisters who have been estranged for seven years. The sisters are manipulated by the terms of their grandmother's will to compete as a team on a Survivor-style reality TV show, which is when the fun really begins.

"Sister Pact is a warm but zany look at sisterhood, family, the things that drive us apart and the things that bind us together," says Ali Ahearn.

"Anyone with a sister will be able to relate to what these two put each other through," Ros agrees, "and what they'll actually do for each other when the chips are down."

Ali Ahearn is a multi-award winning author of romance fiction, and has published 28 books with Harlequin Mills and Boon under the name Amy Andrews. This is her first foray into mainstream fiction.

Ros Baxter writes public policy and teaches writing courses, but this will be her first published novel.

The sisters say they are often asked about the process of writing together.
"We each wrote one sister, and the novel alternates between the two different perspectives," explains Ali. "People who know us well tell us it's not hard to guess who wrote which one!"

Ali and Ros grew up in Rockhampton and now both live on Brisbane's northside.

Sister Pact
Harper Collins Australia
Authors: Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter
ISBN: 9780732293130
Price: $24.95 



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