Skin Proud Skincare

Skin Proud Skincare

Gen Z's Skin Proud Lands in Australia, Exclusive to Priceline

A conscious and affordable UK-based skincare brand challenging unrealistic beauty standards After disrupting beauty norms in the U.K and launching in US retail giant Walmart, Gen Z's beloved skincare brand Skin Proud is finally coming to Australia and will be exclusively stocked at Priceline. Encouraging consumers to embrace their real skin, and champion being proud of the skin you're in; being proud of the imperfections as well as the perfections.

Cutting away the confusion, Skin Proud believes in being completely transparent with products that are 100% vegan, PETA-approved cruelty free, and affordable, with straight-forward ease of use and ingredients that you understand. The formulas are designed to be an introduction to a skincare regimen (targeted to 18-25 years old) as well as serving as an add-on for current regimens (targeted to 25-35 years old).

Formulated with natural extracts such as pomegranate, raspberry, coconut oil and rose water as well as proven scientific ingredients including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, niacinamide, and AHAs, the products are suitable for each skin type without causing irritation. Each has a clever day (sun) and night (moon) marking on the packaging to make it easy to understand what time to apply - as part of your morning or nighttime routine. Plus, there is no compromise on price, efficacy, or aesthetic; each must-have product has it all.

"From implementing a strict no-photoshopping policy in our skincare ads to color-coded packaging for ease of use – routines broken down by AM, PM and Anytime – the brand speaks to Gen Z and tells the inclusive and diverse story of what it means to be you. To be PROUD of the SKIN you're in. We couldn't think of a better retailer than Priceline to help us tell that story," said Skin Proud founder Charlotte Knight.

"As Australia's most iconic health and beauty retailer, we're thrilled to have Skin Proud join the Priceline family. The brands transparency, vegan and cruelty free credentials as well as their easy to understand messaging truly resonates with our younger, more conscious consumer so it's exciting to offer them exclusive access to Skin Proud through our network of Priceline Pharmacy and Priceline stores as well as online at" Janice Senn, Skincare Category Manager at Priceline


Skin Proud available at Priceline
All products will range from $14.99 - $31.99


Skin Proud Sleep Defence

calming kombucha overnight mask

Is your skin in need of some loving? Calm tired and dull skin with Skin Proud Sleep Defence. This powerfulovernight mask is infused with kombucha to help combat redness, and niacinamide for super soft,supple skin. This softening gel mask gets to work whilst you sleep, leaving your skin refreshed, energised and glowing.

RRP: $27.99


Skin Proud rise and defend

stress rescue kombucha face wash

Lacklustre skin has met its match. Fight puffy, dull skin with the power of kombucha. Formulated without sulfates, Skin Proud Rise and Defend is a gel-to-water face wash which removes impurities whilst helping keep skin feeling super soft and hydrated thanks to powerful niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for a refreshed and renewed glow.

RRP: $23.99

Skin Proud everything balm

multi use skin balm

Meet your new 'can't-leave-the-house-without-it' skin essential - Everything Balm, a skin salve that will become a total daily staple in your beauty routine. Formulated with hydrating jojoba oil and nourishing coconut oil, this balm is your go-to skin solution in one little tube.

RRP: $14.99


Skin Proud frozen over

gel-to-ice hydrator

Enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid, Frozen Over is a multi-functional skincare superhero. Use as a gel to add instant moisture, or use straight from the freezer for an icy, soothing saviour for puffy skin.

RRP: $31.99


Review: Skin Proud delivers, 'frozen over' is fast absorbing and the perfect base for makeup, giving your face a smooth glow that shines through your makeup.  'Everything balm' with its nourishing coconut oil repairs dried out lips giving them supple and moist feel, and priming them for your favourite lipstick.  'Rise and defend' was a standout turning dry, flaky skin to soft and smooth overnight. While 'sleep defence' with it's calming kombucha was a relaxing overnight mask, to help you sleep you skin worries away.



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