Is your child forever asking 'But why?'
SmartyCat and his crew are here to save you endless hours of answering questions.

SmartyCat is a curious kitten who asks and answers those tricky pre-school kids' questions with the help of his clever SmartyPants and all his friends in SmartyTown.

The SmartyCat series is designed to help answer some of those tricky questions young children love to ask. Each book ends with a joke and a fun activity to try. An educational, fun and engaging series.

SmartyCat: Thunder: What is thunder? Discover the answer with SmartyCat!
ISBN: 9780733328473

SmartyCat: Nests: Why do birds make nests? Discover the answer with SmartyCat!
ISBN: 9780733328466

SmartyCat: FrogsWhere do frogs come from? Discover the answer with SmartyCat!
ISBN: 9780733328442

Jeannette Rowe is the ABC's best-selling Australian pre-school author and illustrator. Her books have sold well over two million copies worldwide, in over 14 countries and in 9 different languages. For more than fifteen years Jeannette has been working from her Melbourne-based studio by the sea. She began her highly successful career with her award-winning book Scallywag.

ABC Books
Author: Jeannette Rowe
Price: $5.99




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