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Tennis Is Good For The Soul

We all know the benefits of tennis on our fitness, but what about our happiness and relationships?

With the Australian Open finals this weekend, here's five reasons to grab a racquet and give it a go for yourself for a better mind.

Social interaction
As well as maintaining health & fitness, tennis boosts social interaction (it even has the world love in it!) – helping to smash loneliness and improve happiness.

So, if going for beer is your usual go-to for catching up with friends why not use the new year as an excuse to do things differently rally together or create new friendships with a game of tennis.

Digital detox
Despite being more digitally connected, 70% of Aussies find it harder to make meaningful connections with others, according to research conducted by The Happiness Institute in collaboration with Mastercard. Playing a game of tennis helps break away from technology and form genuine bonds with others.

Self-care without the splurge
The best things in life are free and when it comes to health, improving your wellness doesn't have to cost a fortune. Tennis provides a simple way to add some movement to your day and get in the outdoors as well as creating new friendships with a tennis rally.

You don't have to be pro
Unlike some group sports, tennis is a game for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. So, forget serving like Serena – pick up a racquet and rally together with someone new.

Breaking the ice
90% of Aussies feel happier when connected to their local neighbourhood, according to research by The Happiness Institute in collaboration with Mastercard. As a nation passionate about all sport, tennis is a great way to get to know the neighbourhood.

Dr Tim Sharp (Dr Happy) chief happiness officer at The Happiness Institute says, "Aussies feel significantly happier when they're socially connected. When it comes to our neighbours there's a huge gap in how close we are, to how well we know each other. Tennis is a powerful way to bring people together and improve relationships. Those who rally together talk more, bond more, and feel more connected."


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