In the upcoming book, Spellbound, Australia's most loved and respected white witch shows readers how to connect with the magick inside and activate its transforming power.

Sydney-based Lucy Cavendish takes us on a mystical journey into the secret world of spellcasting and shows how to integrate positive magick into our lives. Lucy gives us an inside guide on how spells actually work and explores the history of spells throughout the centuries. She also provides magickal symbols to use in the spells, her guide to dressing magickally and the top rules of spellcasting.

Beautifully packaged and perfect for gift guides, Spellbound will open your eyes to the joy and wonderful power of magick!

Sydney-based Lucy Cavendish is a natural white witch who works magic every single day of her life. She created Witchcraft magazine in 1992, the first magazine of its kind in the world. She is a feature writer for Spellcraft Magazine, Spheres, and has appeared in anthologies like Disinformation's Pop Goes The Witch!. Lucy appears regularly on television and radio, explaining the Craft and demonstrating magicks and the power of intuition. She is a founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia and the author of Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, Oracle Of The Dragonfae, As Above, So Below, The Oracle Tarot, Magical Spell Cards and White Magic, The Lost Lands, Oracle of Shadows and Light, The Mermaid Oracle and Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Her work has been enjoyed and recommended by beings as diverse as Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay and Fiona Horne.

Rockpool Publishing
Author: Lucy Cavendish
ISBN: 9781925017151
RRP: $24.99

Interview with Lucy Cavendish

Question: Why did you write Spellbound?

Lucy Cavendish: I have been keeping magickal journals - grimoires - for over twenty years, and this has really allowed me to see what works when it comes to spell casting! Spellbound was like a journey through my own magickal past, and a rediscovery of the spells I wrote that I've seen work time and again for different people over the last 20 years! So I wrote it to pass on the spells that work -and work well, and to pass on as much as I can about this incredibly powerful form of spiritual practice. It felt like the right time to share as much as I can right now - people are yearning to be empowered and take action to create amazing lives, for both themselves and for others. I truly believe Spellbound connects people with the innate power of natural cycles all around us - once that reconnection is complete, we become more and more powerful, happy, purposeful and well. This in turn leads to great things for the planet… empowered, healthy, fired up magical young people will make an immense difference to the world!

Question: Can you talk us through what Spellbound will help readers discover?

Lucy Cavendish: Because Spellbound is a Grimoire, a personal magickal book of spells and rituals, readers will of course connect with spells which can be worked to create the best from even challenging circumstances. The spells are all very ethical, and pleasurable - they really enhance everyday life - they bring the magick! So, every reader will find themselves wondering, well, what if I did that spell - and really committed to it, really did it with my heart and soul. What could I create? How could I shift my energy? What sort of possibilities could I open up to if I accept my own ability to clear my blocks and attract great relationships and opportunities? On another level, Spellbound is deeply about ethics and responsibilities - so it is a profoundly caring book - I care about how the spell casters and crafters are working with their natural gifts. And thirdly, people will discover practical ways to reconnect with natural cycles and rhythms - it's being disconnected from these that has led to so much soul sickness and physical unwellness and emotional emptiness in our world. Reconnecting to these lunar, seasonal, daily cycles is life-changing - and revolutionary!

Question: What types of spells are featured in Spellbound?

Lucy Cavendish: There are spells that correspond to the energy of the day - so spells that inherently work with where you are at during your week - and there are spells that work with reconnecting you to your own magical powers (which we all have - many are simply dormant, like an underused muscle!) and other spells are to help you with the challenging situations we all experience in our lives. There are spells for self-esteem, to combat and block bullying, for psychic self-defence, to eradicate negative energy, and to rework your own feelings about your body and attractiveness, as well as spells that will see you able to commit to taking better care of your own health. There is a huge variety - the most important quality of all the spells within is that they are ethical, and they are extremely effective. They work - I have seen it too many times over the years to have any doubt.

Question: Is there a spell to make someone fall in love with you?

Lucy Cavendish: Not a someone - there are spells to work on attracting healthy, vibrant, life-affirming love into your life, yes. But to target a particular person - no - and I explain why in Spellbound. But you can certainly work love magick, and begin to open up your heart and heal any blockages to better relationships and love opportunities will be so much more abundant - even in existing relationships!

Question: Can only witches cast spells?

Lucy Cavendish: No, that is a little like saying only Masters can meditate. Everyone is a spell caster and crafter - it is whether we choose to take the steps to empower ourselves that makes the difference. So, everyone can cast a spell - and with these spells, you can change your life. Spellcrafting and casting is natural…it is a part of who we humans are, and one which I believe we need to reclaim.

Question: How can we learn to integrate positive magic into our lives?

Lucy Cavendish: By making the initial effort to work at practising magick every day, and being very clear on the "why". Why are we doing what we do? Why do we want what we feel we want? When we practise, every day, we reconnect to natural energy, and the power of this natural energy flowing through us is immense - it truly is. After about three lunar cycles, it becomes a natural way of life - we don't want to switch off the natural flow of energy… we want to stay well, healthy, magically aware and empowered. I really feel Spellbound is the perfect place to start because I am very clear on why and how spells work - and when to cast. But I can reveal, and write all I wish - it is your commitment and your practice that will change your life. The tools are here for you - if you are truly ready to make changes, you will commit to the practice of magick, every day, in simple constructive ways. And then, truly, you'll be amazed at what this reconnection to your natural power can bring to you, and to others.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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