Stinky and Jinks: My Hamster is a Genius

Stinky and Jinks: My Hamster is a Genius

Meet Jasper Stinkybottom - genius, astronaut, spy... Hamster.
My mum had a long history of unusual punishments And now, thanks to the sticky-taping incident she announced that she was buying me a pet. Meet nine year old Benjamin Jinks and his grumpy hamster, Jasper Stinkybottom. Benjamin is a very normal boy who hates maths. Stinky is a genius hamster, who likes carrots. Together they are an unstoppable team! But can they overcome the evil scheming of Ben s maths teacher, Beardy McCreedy? New talent Dave Lowe s first adventure is brilliantly brought to life by illustrator Mark Chambers in this hilarious read.

Born in Dudley in the West Midlands, Dave Lowe taught English for four years in a high school for disadvantaged kids in Istanbul, and has also worked in Malaysia and Australia. He is married with two daughters. When he was younger, Dave also had a pet hamster, but he didn t talk so much.

Stinky and Jinks: My Hamster is a Genius
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Dave Lowe
ISBN: 9780734413437
Price: $12.99


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