Suburban Wildlife Trailer

Suburban Wildlife Trailer

Recent graduates and longtime friends - Nina, Louise, Alice and Kane - celebrate their final week together before Louise leaves for London, forever altering their lives and marking the end of their adolescence in Australian suburbia.

Nina wrestles with her sexual identity, and after making a questionable advance on a woman at a party, she is left to come to terms with what she truly wants - and her love and dependence on Louise. The 'mother' of the group, Louise is searching for independence, using her final week in Sydney to come to terms with the reality of her trip, and to make amends with Nina.

Used to the absence of her parents her entire life, Alice has built a hard exterior to protect herself from harm. But when she realises it is hurting those around her, and her new relationship with Ravi, she begins to let her walls down.

Kane, the only friend not to attend university, plans on heading to LA to pursue tattoeing full-time. But when his visa is rejected this path is no longer clear - and he must decide whether to reveal his failure to his friends, or head down a path of self-destruction and depression.

Once Louise decides to take them on a roadtrip in their final few days together, all four friends are left with no choice but to face their demons - and each other. By the time Louise leaves they are each left, a bunch of Suburban Wildlife, on the threshold of their lives.