Summer at Kangaroo Ridge

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge

A stunning new rural romance from the bestselling author of The McCalister Legacy and Lawson's Bend.

'Heart-warming, captivating and absolutely perfect.' - Blue Wolf Reviews on Nicole Hurley-Moore's The McCalister Legacy

The Carrington family own the only pub in the small country town of Kangaroo Ridge. It's been eight years since the five siblings became orphans and since twins Sebastian and Tamara stepped up to look after their younger brothers and sister with the help of their aunt Maddie.

Seb and Tam gave up their teenage years to make sure the family stayed together, but that's been hard and they've grown apart. Seb is silent and stoic; Tam, on the other hand, wants to kick over the traces and catch up on the life she missed out on.

To complicate matters, Tam is in a secret relationship - one she is sure Seb will disapprove of. But can Tam ever allow herself a happy future while she still, deep down, blames herself for the accident that killed her parents?

Praise for The McCalister Legacy

'Engaging and heart-warming, this is a great read for a chilly night.' - Canberra Weekly

'A staple read for rural fiction fans.' - Mrs B's Book Reviews

'A gripping read that weaves the threads of history and hard times on the farm with a whodunit drama that'll thrill lovers of that genre.' - The Weekly Times

Author bio:

Nicole Hurley-Moore grew up in Melbourne and has travelled extensively, whilst living her life through the romance of books. Nicole is a full-time writer who lives in the Central Highlands of Victoria with her family, where they live in the peaceful surrounds of a semi-rural town. She is the author of the immensely popular novels McKellan's Run, Hartley's Grange, Country Roads, White Gum Creek, Lawson's Bend, The McCalister Legacy and Summer at Kangaroo Ridge.



Summer at Kangaroo Ridge

Author: Nicole Hurley-Moore

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