Tekno Train Experience by Paul Mac

Tekno Train Experience by Paul Mac

Train travel will never be the same again: in an Australian first, Vivid Sydney today announced Tekno Train by Paul Mac, a one-of-a-kind event that will transform a Sydney Trains service into a moving, sensory sound and light experience for 23 nights only.


Exclusive to Vivid Sydney, the Southern Hemisphere's leading multi-artform festival, and in collaboration with Sydney Trains, Tekno Train by Paul Mac is set to radically reinvent the experience of train travel as a thrilling musical adventure for a limited time only.


Passengers will be treated to an original techno soundtrack composed by Paul Mac especially for Tekno Train, accompanied by immersive custom lighting that illuminates inside all carriages. As the train moves, the lights and music will rhythmically adjust to match the train's speed and changing landscape outside, crafting a melodic and unforgettable ride through both Sydney's city circle and disused train lines.


Ticketholders will take their seat on what appears to be a standard K set train, however as the train leaves Central Station, the adventure begins. Hidden lights and speakers will create a communal experience with synchronised lights, driven by techno music. The project sees Paul Mac continue a musical journey that shares his unique and emotional electronic dance music language in an unexpected setting.


Minister for Jobs and Tourism John Graham said: "Multi-ARIA Award winner Paul Mac composing the tracks on the tracks will lift a routine experience like jumping on a train in the city into a joyous moment and a unique, shared experience.

"Vivid Sydney keeps finding new and unique locations, and programming memorable one-off experiences, Tekno Train raises the bar yet again in 2024."


Creator and composer Paul Mac, said: "Trains have always fascinated me. Their mix of rhythmic clicks and clacks, the screech of metal on metal, and the sound and smell of brakes are all interesting sensory experiences that everyone can relate to. Tekno Train will take things one step further. It will drive the music and lights, turning a commuter journey into a sensory rollercoaster."


Embodying Vivid Sydney's 2024 theme of 'Humanity', Tekno Train by Paul Mac celebrates the uniting power of music and community, leaning on a routine experience to create a joyous moment that brings people together. As public transport and mass transit become more vital in a sustainable future, the project will encourage audiences to find moments of joy, togetherness and wonder in the everyday.

Vivid Sydney Festival Director Gill Minervini said: "This year's Vivid Sydney is focused on broadening perspectives, challenging preconceptions and celebrating humanity. Tekno Train by Paul Mac is a perfect example of how multiple artforms from the world's brightest artists can transform everyday activities into something truly memorable. We're thrilled to be able to work with Transport for NSW and Paul to bring this magical experience to our wonderful city and create unforgettable experiences that will captivate audiences from around the world."


Tekno Train will offer two different 60-minute routes for festivalgoers to choose from, both departing from Central Station:


  • The Scenic Route: Sit back and take in the sights and sounds of North Sydney as your journey is lit up over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and down a secret spur line to Lavender Bay. This is the slower of the two journeys and is better suited to families with kids ages 5 and up.
  • Tech Express: Take it up a notch and go deep beneath the city with a pulsing techno thrill ride through City Circle and South Sydney. This is the more lively, full-bodied journey for those seeking a more fast-paced immersive experience.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac promises to be a highlight of Vivid Sydney, running every night of the festival from Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June. Tickets for the experience start at $13.90 for children (5-12 years) and $19.90 for an adult. Family pricing is also available at $59.90.

Tekno Train won't be the only train on the network doing extra trips for Vivid Sydney. Throughout the Vivid Sydney season 400 additional rail services will be running on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as additional bus and light rail options.


Tekno Train by Paul Mac is created and composed by Paul Mac in collaboration with Vivid Sydney and produced by Performing Lines. Lighting design is by SimpleMotion, audio design by Jands Pty Ltd, creative consultation by Garry Wotherspoon with additional music production and technical assistance by Luke Warren.


The project is supported by the NSW Government through Destination NSW and Create NSW, the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its primary arts investment and advisory body, and the Wales Family Foundation.

Tickets for Tekno Train by Paul Mac are now on sale here.

For more information and to keep updated about the Vivid Sydney program, go to vividsydney.com



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