Temptation Island

Temptation Island

Three women. One island. And a secret that will lead to murder.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, an island exists for the elite - providing a safe haven from the glare of the spotlight. But glittering waters drown darker secrets.

The Virgin: Lori Garcia, wild-haired Spanish siren and world-famous supermodel, has come from Cinderella-rags to unimaginable riches.
The Starlet: Aurora Nash is LA's wildest teen tearaway. Riotous, hedonistic, self-seeking, she's totally out of control: rehab doesn't work, therapy achieves nothing, even a jail sentence fails to keep her in line.
The Wife: Stevie Speller is a London-born beauty and accidental actress, married to hot young director Xander Jakobson.

Temptation Island is Victoria Fox's second novel to be published by Harlequin Australia, following Beautiful People in April 2011. Victoria Fox describes her novels as having "plenty of sex, bags of scandal, and a host of outrageous players who keep us up long after lights-out".

Temptation Island
Author: Victoria Fox
Price: $29.99



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