The Best Maternity Subscription Box Has Been Found

The Best Maternity Subscription Box Has Been Found

Every pregnant woman has at least once wondered about the best pregnancy box. It is necessary that she closes all physical and moral desires throughout the entire period. Perhaps even later, because then comes a new experience. For this purpose, there is a tum to mom program, which, creates themed pregnancy subscription box for the different characteristics of different mothers.


What kind of maternity care package can a subscription offer? 


Firstly, from the very beginning, you can choose the type of subscription "  monthly or twice a month. It all depends on how accurate the baby's date of birth is or on your own reasons. The filling of the maternity subscription box is not repeated. The items inside each box correspond to the customer's wishes every time and are selected according to the deadline. So at the beginning, you can get things that are aimed more at memories and creating comfort, and at the end more technological things that will simplify motherhood.


What is the baby box? This is a set of the most necessary things that will be needed to care for a baby from the first days of his birth. The best pregnancy box is a kind of surprise. Fun fact " you never know exactly what's inside! Every time it's like a holiday and at the same time, it contains all the essentials for mother and child.


Tum to mom support service will always help with any question if you haven't found the answer before in the FAQs section. At the same time, it will also help with the issue of the guarantee that comes with a subscription " 30 days. If the product arrives with a defect or part of it is missing, or broken, the company will always replace you with the same item from the pregnancy care package within the warranty period or offer a choice of similar ones.


They are also always happy to help with tracking the pregnancy box if it didn't arrive on time or got lost in transit. You can cancel your subscription at any time of the day. There is only one rule to follow " do this two days before the next payment. If you do it later, the pregnancy box subscriptions will be canceled before the next payment month and the money for this month will not be returned. How long are the pregnancy box subscriptions valid? Subscriptions can be divided into three stages:

  • First and second trimester.
  • Third trimester.
  • After the birth of the child and after 6 months after birth.

Thus, the best pregnancy box will accompany the mother and the child during all difficult stages. At the same time, it will be able to bring a lot of memories and new interesting experiences with basic care items and comprehensive product assistance. 

The company has strict product quality standards, but no one is insured against product defects during transportation. There is an exchange policy for Tum to Mom boxes. You just need to provide a photo of the broken item. If they don't have the same item in stock, they will offer you something else at a similar price.


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