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The Christmas Yearbook



Start a new family tradition with The Christmas Yearbook!  A place to record memories, stories and that all important Santa photo, creating a treasured family keepsake for the years to come. 

Some of our favourite memories come from Christmas time.  The year you got your first bike, the year you had your first Turducken (you know, a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken!) and the year your baby experienced his or hers first ever Christmas!  These are memories to be treasured and looked back up on the years to come.  Thankfully The Christmas Yearbook makes that simple and easy. 

This book is designed to be filled with twenty five years worth of Christmas memories. Each year has four pages. With room for a photo from the day and details of where and with whom you spent Christmas on one double page spread.  On the other double page spread you can pass it around and allow everyone to write their own Christmas message.

Beautifully packaged to withstand the years.  It's thick front cover page is designed to withstand any spills or drops that might occur around the Christmas dinner table. It also has its own case to keep it safe during its hibernation months.  It's put away each January 1 with the Christmas decorations and becomes a delightful rediscovery each year as the festivities begin. 



RRP: $54.95


Review: Bringing back old school values, The Christmas Yearbook is a great way for the whole family to create and enjoy memories around the dinner or coffee table year after year.  Add photos each year, comment and reflect on the years gone by each Christmas.

There is something very special about photo books, where you can relax and relive stories of old with family and friends.  It takes minutes to create but will become the centre peice each Christmas.


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