The Code of the Pharaoh

The Code of the Pharaoh


Archaeologists stumble upon an Egyptian hieroglyphic code that leads them around the world in a race to decipher many obscure clues, on their quest to find the lost secret of an ancient machine that could grant immortality. A wealthy inventor is determined to keep the secret for himself and will stop at nothing to force their cooperation, to help re-create a fully working machine. Find out what happens when this ancient design is finally re-energised!

The Code of the Pharaoh (2nd edition) is a mystery adventure inspired by scientific and historical facts, set in present day with flashbacks to ancient times.


Melbourne-based Dr Martin Cole bases his work on historical and scientific facts, drawing inspiration from family life, his creative career as an inventor and entrepreneur, 8 years on the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering & Innovation Council, and from two terms as National President of Engineers Australia. Martin brings to bear his lifelong interests in writing, graphic art, astronomy and science, fortified by a Master of Engineering degree and a Doctorate of Philosophy. His day job has centred on the design of electronic products, systems and software for the prevention of crime and fire, and he is best known for pioneering the aspirated smoke detection industry worldwide that saves countless lives.

The Code of the Pharaoh
Sid Harta Books
Author: Dr Martin Cole
ISBN: 9781922086013
RRP: $24.95

How to survive an Apocalypse or How to survive the end of the world

Tsunami or flood
Always carry goggles, snorkel and flippers in your backpack, and learn to swim really-really well. And don't forget a hard hat in case of floating debris – like cars, houses and circus elephants. Better yet, keep a war-surplus army duck (armour-plated boat on wheels) at the ready in your back yard, lined with cushions and bags of potato crisps. Failing that, and if you don't like back-packing or swimming, then just take an ocean cruise instead, with a balcony view.

Cover your mouth with a wet handkerchief for the dust and bad smells. Toxic gases or boiling-hot ash clouds are tough to avoid though – run like hell and be sure to dodge the falling lava bombs (hey, they can do it in the movies!). That hard hat will come in handy here too, or better-yet, a sturdy umbrella. Afterwards, barbecue your sausages over a handy nearby lava flow.

Million-tonne Comet
Simply make sure that you're on the other side of the planet when it hits. Otherwise you'll be toast. Knowing where it's gonna hit? – now that's the tricky part. To be on the safe side, take that long-awaited vacation to the Moon, or that Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Jump aboard your private helicopter and hover -till the dust settles. Make sure you have plenty of fuel and cookies on board, and don't crash into the sky-full of other helicopters. Bring your best camera – those shots will make you a fortune, if anyone's left to buy them.

Black Plague
Wear a Crucifix, a Star of David and a Crescent, and vigorously bless anybody who sneezes. Put on the goggles and grab your snorkel. Stuff a wet handkerchief down the snorkel to filter out airborne viruses. You probably won't need the flippers, unless it's to fight off rats. Have the Pied Piper on speed dial.

Locusts, fleas, wasps, cockroaches, blowflies... Have plenty of fly spray at the ready, and a quick-draw holster at your side. A couple of dozen cans should do fine for the first five minutes. A bee-keeper's outfit would be best of all, but your neighbourhood keeper probably won't lend you his, so dress yourself in plastic bin liners for protection. Cut eye holes and wear the goggles. Wear the flippers on your hands and applaud vigorously – they make great fly-swats. With so many insects attacking, you can't really miss, and they'll make a lovely, satisfying, crunching sound.

Be well-prepared in advance. Find an underground cavern that has been set up with bright lights, a hydroponic marijuana farm, and a secret entrance. Alert police, who will arrest the owners and take them away permanently. Police will root out and burn the marijuana crop for you, free of charge. Be careful not to inhale too much smoke, and take vacant possession of the cavern. Plant essential crops like vegetables, grains and herbs, and make a library of vegetarian cook books. You can forget about beef and sausages for a while. Drill a water bore and create a small underground lake. Avoid boredom by fishing for your supper with rod and line, or go spear-fishing with the trusty goggles, snorkel and flippers. Have lots of DVD's to remind you of how good the -good old days' really were. And bring a friend – my hand is up!


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