The Colour of Trouble

The Colour of Trouble

Maddy can't stop making things: art, fashion and, most of all, Trouble. A new art project could give her the notoriety she desires, but that's not all she's dealing with. Her bestie, Darcy, is acting weird and starts dating a girl he's never mentioned before. Her mum is living and working hundreds of kilometres away, and a new mystery boy keeps popping up at the most inconvenient times ... Will the fallout from her latest project push away all the people she loves? Does Maddy really want to be this Notorious?

Gerry Bobsien lives in Newcastle, Australia with her two daughters. She has worked as an industrial blacksmith, curator, librarian and copywriter. Sometimes all she wants to do is surf.

The Colour of Trouble Walker Books
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Gerry Bobsien
ISBN: 9781921720840
Price: $18.99


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