The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay Interview with Izabela Rose

The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay Interview with Izabela Rose

Directed by Christine Luby

Written by Jacob Stock

Produced by Steve Jaggiand Kelly Son Hing


The latest Young Adult feature film from The Steve Jaggi Company, THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY, will release in select cinemas across Australia from September 22. A fun, adventure-filled ride for young audiences these school holidays, the film features a talented young cast led by Izabela Rose (Upside-Down Magic, The Secrets of Sulphur Springs), Jayden McGinlay (Sweet River) and newcomers Ella Proberts and Allegra Teo.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY follows 15-year-old Quinn Perkins (Rose), who is excited to be spending the summer interning with her best friend Daniela (Proberts) and marine biologist father Charlie (Rowan Chapman). The besties haven't seen each other since Charlie inherited a research centre in Dolphin Bay, Australia, studying the unnatural shift in the local reef's biodiversity. Things feel different between Quinn and Daniela, and it's not long before Quinn agrees to join the adventurer wannabe Teddy (McGinlay) on a treasure hunt as a distraction. Mysterious events occur, and a journal they are gifted reveals that to find the treasure, the reef must be destroyed.

Abandoning their hunt they hide the journal, but it's secret is revealed and the journal stolen, leading the four teens to uncover the truth about what - or who - is responsible for the problems on the reef.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY had its world premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival this year, where audiences likened it to the fun and adventure of Enola Holmes and Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Joining the cast are acclaimed Australian actors Rowan Chapman, Charles Cottier, Charlie Clausen, Val Lehman and Shanyn Asmar.

The film is directed by Christine Luby (This Little Love of Mine, Dive Club), who comments "It was a joy to direct this film with an amazing cast, and I'm proud of what our production team has created. With themes of environmentalism, friendship and mystery as well as a few frights in the night, I hope to take audiences on a little adventure and to remind them that connection is everything."

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY was filmed in South East Queensland, at locations across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, including Snapper Rocks, Mt Tamborine and Pullenvale. The film is the latest Young Adult feature from The Steve Jaggi Company, with previous projects including the AACTA and Logie nominated Dive Club, Swimming for Gold, Back of the Net and Rip Tide.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY is written by Jacob Stock and produced by Steve Jaggi and Kelly Son Hing, with Kylie Pascoe and Megan Ellstrom co-producing. The film is financed with the assistance of Different Films and Asia Pacific Film Investment Group and supported by the Queensland Government though Screen Queensland's Screen Finance program. 

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY is being released theatrically by Athabasca Film, screening in select cinemas across Australia this September.


NSW: Event Cinemas Bondi Junction, Hornsby, Macquarie, Burwood, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Majestic Port Macquarie, Forum 6 Wagga Wagga
QLD: Event Cinemas Chermside, Indooroopilly, Mt Gravatt, Loganholme, Pacific Fair, Cairns Central, Maroochydore, Toowoomba, Majestic Wynnum, Mt Isa Cinemas| NT: Event Cinemas Palmerston
VIC: Airport West, Fountain Gate, Geelong, Karingal, Knox, Morwell, Southland, Sunshine, Werribee
SA: Event Cinemas Marion, Wallis Mitcham and Mt Barker | WA: Event Cinemas Inaloo

Classification: G | Duration: 86 mins

Website: The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay | The Steve Jaggi Company



Interview with Izabela Rose for The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay


1. Can you tell us a bit about your character in The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay?
Izabela Rose: I play Quinn Perkins, and she is a sharp, quick-witted, passionate 15-year-old girl who knows almost everything about marine life. You can only imagine I learned a lot about sea life from playing Quinn! Quinn can also be a little stubborn, especially when it comes to change. Something that I love about the movie is that you get to see how Quinn's journey helps her realize that change is necessary for growth, which I think everyone can relate to at some point in their life.


2. What were some of the challenges filming The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay?

Izabela Rose: The time difference was probably the biggest challenge for me. My Papi and my brothers were in the states, so when it was night for them when it was morning for us.

3. What was your most memorable moment working on The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay?

Izabela Rose: There were many very special moments working on this set that I will never forget, especially because this was the first project that I ever shadow produced. That was something that I've been wanting to do for a while now! I was so excited when I had my first meeting with our amazing director Christine Luby. It was one of those experiences that felt so surreal because I was finally getting to see a dream of mine become a reality. 


4. What did you most like about Australia?

Izabela Rose: I would have to say one of my favorite things about Australia was its beautiful beaches! I keep telling everyone after watching this movie you're going to want to at least visit Australia once in your lifetime! I also got to hold a koala and touch kangaroos for the first time! We filmed the movie for three weeks and after one week of post-production, the cast and crew were so sweet about when I did get free time to personally show my mommy and me the highlights of Australia.

5. Was there anything you learnt about the Australia Reef while filming?

Izabela Rose: Yes! To dive deeper into the character of Quinn Perkins I bought this book called "Ocean Anatomy" by Julia Rothman, and from reading this book I learned so much about how important coral reefs are. It was so disheartening to hear they are endangered because coral reefs are not only important for sea life, but for human life as well. Just a 2° higher than normal temperature change can cause coral reefs to bleach, sending their sea life fleeing. One of the big messages in The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay is how coral reefs are endangered and how important it is to take care of them. So, I really hope that after viewers are done watching, they have a larger appreciation for the importance of our coral reefs.


6. What is next for you?

Izabela Rose: I have some very exciting projects that I can't say too much about right now, but to keep up with everything that I'm doing; you can follow me on all social media platforms at IamIzabelaRose.


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