The Ethical Investor, How to Quit Toxic Companies and Grow Your Wealth

The Ethical Investor, How to Quit Toxic Companies and Grow Your Wealth

Discover how to put your money where it counts, securing your future with a guilt-free conscience in The Ethical Investor. Melbourne-based journalist Nicole Haddow explains how you can grow your wealth while making a difference.


Nicole Haddow wowed with her first book Smashed Avocado: How I Cracked the Property Market and You Can Too. Her passion for financial freedom is evident, but while her first book tapped into home ownership and properties, her second dives into the world of investments.


Investing can be intimidating for a novice, and Nicole comes from a place of learning. As a fellow newbie to investments, she brings a fresh perspective and helpful advice to young people seeking ethical ways to invest.


Have you ever thought of your superannuation as an investment? Technically, it is, and the investments you make could be contributing to some less than ethical industries. Take an ethical option like Australian Ethical.


Through her own investment journey, Nicole followed her money and was disappointed to find it winding up in the pockets of fossil fuel conglomerates and tobacco companies. For her, this simply wasn't acceptable, but fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in funds that do their bit for the planet or the community.


The Ethical Investor encourages you to define your own moral code and find investments that align with your interests. From shifting your superannuation to something that helps the planet to micro-investing with neo-banking apps that invest in local and disadvantaged communities, Nicole covers everything you need to know to become a conscious investment pro.


She explains how to assess where your money is currently going and how to make your investment strategy greener. Along the way, she chats with industry experts and provides actionable tips to help you grow a green, guilt-free portfolio on a limited budget.


Plus, there's even information on how to invest in sustainable businesses directly and make your home greener during the investment process.


Smashed Avocado was turned into a podcast and is being developed into a documentary series, so there's no telling where The Ethical Investor will lead. Whether it changes the financial industry or not, it can certainly help potential investors escape the toxic cycle and find financial freedom along the way.



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