The Fictional Woman

The Fictional Woman

When Tara Moss published her debut novel back in 1999, many critics assumed that this -dumb blonde' couldn't possibly have the brains to write her own work. How times have changed. Now widely recognised as a respected and informed voice in the ongoing public debates on feminism, human rights and women's issues, Tara is a regular guest on programs like Q&A and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and a journalist whose articles are frequent conversation-starters. She is also a PhD candidate at The University of Sydney.

In her first non-fiction book, Tara Moss blends fascinating memoir with insightful social analysis. She examines her personal fictions – from 'tomboy' in Canada to catwalk model in Europe, from tabloid fodder to UNICEF ambassador – and uses her own experiences to take a broader look at everyday sexism and issues surrounding the under-representation of women, modern motherhood, body image and the portrayal of women in politics, entertainment, advertising and the media. -Sometimes cold, hard facts are the only way to break through unfounded assumptions – my own assumptions as well as those of others. They help us to see beyond the biases formed by our own experiences to see larger patterns in the world.'

Deeply personal and revealing, this is more than just Tara Moss's own story. At once insightful, challenging and entertaining, she asks how we can change the old fictions, one woman at a time.

The Fictional Woman
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Tara Moss
ISBN: 9780732297893
RRP: $29.99


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