The Gamers 2037 Trailer

The Gamers 2037 Trailer

In an Australian and worldwide television first, Ambience Entertainment's brand-new live-action series for 8-12year olds, 'The Gamers 2037' premiers on 9GO! from Saturday 14 November 2020 at 7.30am featuring ground-breaking computer facial animation technology which delivers automatic, accurate lip sync from an audio recording that has never been used in a television show.  


Partnering with Speech Graphics, known as global pioneers in facial animation technology, Ambience Entertainment has used the artificial intelligence software for 'The Gamers 2037' antagonist, Game Master as well as for the show's animated commentators, Maeve and Marvin.


Starring Ashleigh Maree Ross, Miah Madden and introducing Marvin Rowland, 'The Gamers 2037' delivers superior movie-scale production values as well as incredible performances from a talented, passionate and diverse cast.


Airing weekly on Saturdays at 7.30am,'The Gamers 2037' is a 26 x 24 minute live-action series set in a dystopian future where gaming is banned and three former friends must overcome their differences and beat an unbeatable A.I. controlled puzzled-based Virtual and Augmented Reality game, or risk becoming trapped in the machine forever.


In the not-so-distant future, rule-following noob XEON (Ashleigh Maree Ross) and technology geek GALAHAD (Marvin Rowland) secretly follow their estranged friend KITE (Miah Madden) into an abandoned warehouse.


What begins as a simple fact-finding mission into why Kite suddenly stopped being their friend months prior quickly becomes a fight for their lives when they find themselves trapped inside the warehouse by the last remaining VAARG ARK.


VAARG is Virtual And Augmented Reality Gaming, which was the next generation of gaming and a technological marvel… until it started digitising and absorbing players.


According to legend, if you beat the game, you release all the Absorbed – something Kite is determined to do, no matter the cost to herself or anyone else.


Together, the three former friends must overcome their differences and work together to beat the unbeatable game – and the A.I. that controls it – or risk becoming trapped themselves.


Created by Keaton Stewart and Hannah Fitzpatrick for Ambience Entertainment, the series was written by Keaton Stewart, Hannah Fitzpatrick and Michael Boughen.