The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

Gleeks already know that Golden Globe-winning actor Chris Colfer can transport us to magical places with his voice and acting ability. And now he's transporting us to a modern day fairytale in his upcoming children's book, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

Alex and Conner Bailey's world is about to change...

Through the mysterious powers of a cherished book of stories, twins Alex and Connor leave their world behind and find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder and magic where they come face-to-face with the fairy tale characters they grew up reading about. But after a series of encounters with witches, wolves, goblins, and trolls alike, getting back home is going to be harder than they thought.

Chris is a remarkable talent whose writing combines all the qualities kids love - memorable characters, heart-pounding adventure, in a setting filled with wonder, intrigue and enchantment.

Chris Colfer is a Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as 'Kurt Hummel' on Glee. He was recently honoured as a member of the 2011 Time 100, Time Magazine's annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world.

Chris Colfer recently adapted 'The Little Leftover Witch,' a pilot for the Disney Channel based on the children's book of the same name by Florence Laughlin.

Chris Colfer will next be starring in the independent film, Struck By Lighting, which he also wrote and produced.
The Land of Stories is his first novel.

Review: Delightful, captivating story for imagative minds. Kids begged me to keep reading.

The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell
Hachette Australia
Author: Chris Colfer
ISBN: 9781907411762
Price: $24.99



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