The Mind Of A Teen Rachel Dinah

The Mind Of A Teen Rachel Dinah

Rachel Dinah has worked with hundreds of young girls  in the UK, Especially working in schools , pupil referral units, and supporting housing for teen mothers. She has ran her own projects which she created in 2010 called change of thoughts. Though her work with young people, her discoveries, case studies and experiences as she has created The Mind Of A Teen: Your story Your Success as a overall experience of one girls life called Rai.


But all the same, the narrative is a positive if poignant depiction of a troubled young woman's life; a microcosm of the lives of millions of teenagers who crave a productive future.



The mind of a Teen is about the life of a teen girl called Rai. From age 5 -23  She narrates different events in her life from growing up without a male role model, religion, school, friends, bullying, first boyfriend, joining a gang, having a baby, near death experience, and then her discovery of what everything she has experienced and now who needs help around the world. Rai bravely addresses parents, teachers and other professionals throughout her story before moving on to the next chapter. This is a perfect guidebook for all those managing teens/young adults.


"Having been there myself and working with young people, I have a deep understanding of the adversities young girls and boys in large cities around the world face," explains the author. "At the same time, I also know and empathise with the myriad of opportunities that they want to pursue. I wrote this book to tell the full-circle story from one teenage girl's perspective, in the hope it will inspire others to kickstart their own success story."


Continuing, "I'm so privileged to be able to spend my time travelling around the country speaking to groups, holding workshops and helping thousands of youngsters take the hard lessons they have learned from their past and turn them into a prosperous future."


The book has already attracted excellent reviews. Rochelle A giving it Five Stars and says "Phenomenal and highly recommended. This book was amazing. I loved how it was laid out and how it guides the reader through realistic scenarios and explains how to best avoid such situations. I'm grateful that the author shared this with us. Definitely recommend for teens for further guidance and adults for clarity. 10/10"