The Nut Farm

The Nut Farm


If you are needing to just lean into a little crazy, then THE NUT FARM is for you. Laugh, relax and you'll remember that style of humour you enjoyed back in the 80s when comedy was a little out there and took a risk on looking at life a little differently.


Introducing Nuts… Brendan Brandon, Kim, Harry, Mitch, Carl, Farmer Dee, Dazza, Strawberry John, Iris and Esme, a couple of Podcasters, a New Zealander…and Police Sergeant Blake who's just trying to find out what's happened to those on her missing persons board.  The story takes place in the little Aussie township of Cobweb, where the macadamias and the locals find themselves up against a milk obsessed New Zealand fracker named Zoron!



Brendan Brandon knows how to avoid hard work. As a crypto trader come blogger he rakes in the cash until suddenly, he doesn't. Seeing a way to cash up again he takes an offer in the town of Cobweb where his missing conspiracy theory Uncle Mitch grows nuts…macadamia nuts. But a crafty New Zealander has his own ideas for the old farm. He plans to secretly frack it and send the gas back to his beloved New Zealand to keep it "powered, pristine and green." But when Brendan and the oddball locals band together they prove that hard work, community, and understanding the value in the transfer of ownership of farmland is what's important for future generations.


"The Nut Farm is a family comedy… but only if your family doesn't mind a few nut jokes!" – Arj Barker


The Nut Farm is rated PG and is in cinemas nationally on 14th March 2024


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