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The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch

The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch

Our mums are one of the most special women in our lives and what better way to make her feel loved than to make her feel extra special on mother's day. What better way to start her day than by making her a scrumptious feast without having to face the crowds and long waits for food in restaurants. Sweets for Tilly have put together some ideas for making your mum the perfect Mother's Day brunch that will not only fill her heart but her stomach too.

First things first – How many guests will you be having at your brunch, this is the first and most important task for the day. Determining how many guests you will be having will determine the location and how much food to prepare for the day. Once you have this sorted, the rest will be easy.

Know your location - Knowing where to hold your brunch is the next step to this recipe. Having it at home is the best option though if your guest list is too big or it's simply not possible, having it at a local park, or even hiring out a tea room at a local venue is a great option if you have a large amount of guests.

For mum – As this brunch is all about your mum make sure you tailor it to all her favorite things. Planning the brunch around all her favorite foods, flowers and decorations is a must. The best part with having a brunch also makes it easier with food as you have a larger scale of food options to work with. Decorations are not crucial but setting the table using her favourite colours and definitely a beautiful bunch of flowers will brighten her day. Another way to add a bit more love and decoration is by using photographs around your location.

What to eat – Creating the menu tailed to all her favourite kinds of foods is important, but if your mum likes basically anything and are stuck for ideas here are some easy options and ideas for the perfect brunch. As stated before the best thing about a brunch is the variety of foods you can choose are endless, so the basic bacon and eggs option is certainly out the window. When serving your brunch having a table dedicated to all foods is a great idea for everyone to serve themselves, though be sure to make sure the lady of the day is sitting back relaxing and does not have to lift a finger.  Some easy and delicious foods such as waffles and pancakes, bagels, quiches, sandwiches, casseroles, cheese platters, flavoured fruit loafs, such as raspberry and walnut bread. Also don't forget to add some sweet treats for tea and coffee time after your meal including cookies, sweet slices, bowls of fruit and scones, jam and cream are just some great ideas.

What to drink – You cannot have a mother's day brunch without the standard array of tea and coffees, what mum does not love this but try adding an extra exciting mix to the table. Making a tropical punch with ginger beer, some infused waters such as strawberry and mint or even having some fresh juices are great refreshment choices. If you want to incorporate a bit of bubbly to your mum's special day try making a refreshing mimosa.

Last but not least – Don't forget to pack the camera and capture some of the days special moments with your mum. Though as much as she will love all your organisning efforts be sure to not get caught up with it all and appreciate the time you spend with her as it's all about the little things.


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