The Secret Language of Horses

The Secret Language of Horses

Horses and humans have shared a strong bond for over 5000 years, and this relationship continues today, with millions of people across the world owning or working with horses. The Secret Language of Horses is the book equivalent of feed, stable, and exercise--providing all the basics for horse health and happiness. But it also goes beyond that, helping you truly understand your horse by explaining how to translate what your horse's actions 'say' and, in turn, how your horse interprets your behaviour. These insights strengthen the bond between you and your horse and enhance all aspects of equine activities, from hacking to competition.

In The Secret Language of Horses you'll learn about horse breeds and types, riding disciplines, horse communication, grooming and care. It's packed full of practical advice on everything from selecting your first horse and choosing appropriate tack to maintaning a healthy horse and understanding his needs as he matures. It's everything you need to know, and the key to a contented horse and a confident owner.

Heather Dunphy is a writer and journalist specialising in pets, health, cooking, travel and lifestyle. A former magazine editor and trained chef, she studied literature and linguistics at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and graduated from the prestigious Chefs School in Stratford, Ontario.

Heather has authored over 300 articles on all aspects of pet care. She has written for publications such as Puppy Scoops, Dog Knows, Healthy Maturity, The AKC (American kennel Club) Gazette, and Canadian Dog Digest, and is the author of The Secret Language of Dogs and The Secret Language of Cats.

The Secret Language of Horses
Allen and Unwin
Author: Heather Dunphy
ISBN: 9781742379043
Price: $19.99 



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